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215018 Educational Note: Determination of Best Estimate Indexation Assumptions for PPICP Liability Calculations

AA2014-8 Session 8: Presenting to the Board – Secrets for Success (Volume 25, September 2014)

215017 Revised Educational Note: Premium Liabilities

215015 Initial Communication of a Promulgation of the Mortality Table Referenced in the Standards of Practice for Actuarial Evidence (Subsection 4530)

AA2014-5 Session 5: Longevity Perspectives (Volume 25, September 2014)

AA2014-6 Session 6: The PCFRC: Past, Present and Future (Volume 25, September 2014)

215016 Submission to the International Accounting Standards Board: IASB’s Recent Discussions on Insurance Contracts

EB0215PDF (e)Bulletin February 2015 (PDF Version)

EB0215 (e)Bulletin February 2015

RESM049 RES: Minutes - Meeting – December 19, 2014

MSCM112 Member Services Council Minutes - Meeting nº 112 (December 10, 2014)

MSCA113 Member Services Council Agenda - Meeting nº 113 (February 25, 2015)

UAPEXRULES Accredited University Programmes – Exemption agreement document

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Thank you for helping #Actuaries celebrate our 50th #birthday #bigday #CIA50ICA

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Alexey Leonov walked in space 50 years ago today. The same day, the CIA began its own journey #CIA50ICA #anniversary

50 years ago today, @officialKeef was fined £5. Keith, #actuaries want to know: what’s the secret of your longevity? #CIA50ICA

It’s our 50th birthday today. What will you be doing when you’re 50? #CIA50ICA #anniversary

Happy birthday! @adamlevine is 36 today @nbcthevoice! It's a big day for us too - we're 50! #CIA50ICA

Today is the CIA’s 50th anniversary. What was your best birthday? #CIA50ICA #bestbirthday

Jeremy Rudin, Superintendent of OSFI, addresses the International Finance Club of Montréal

Andrew Saxton on Canadian Institute of Actuaries via @openparlca

Emerging #climate change, environment and sustainability concerns for #actuaries Apr 9 #Toronto. Register TODAY

Registration is open for the ERM Symposium, June 11-12 in Washington @CASact @SOActuaries @CIA_Actuaries @PRMIA

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Thanks @OliverWyman! We are proud of our past and excited for the next 50 years!

Motor #vehicle #litigation up over the past 5 years

#TFSAs help wealthy people most, says #actuary and #retirement expert Malcolm Hamilton via @MoneySenseMag

#Actuaries on installment loans and the criminal rate of interest @cbcsaltzman

#Actuary John Have says stress leave "more and more common" @SueAnnLevy @TheTorontoSun #LongTermDisability #TOpoli

The Consumer Price Index (CPI) rose 1.0% in the 12 months to January

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