Ad Campaigns Highlight the Actuarial Profession

The CIA launched two high-profile advertising campaigns this month, on the websites of the Financial Post (FP) and Les affaires.

A number of animated ads on pages of the FP led visitors to the Leadership page. On this page, there were more animated ads, and links to interesting documents on the CIA website.

In addition, two articles featuring CIA members were written and posted to the pages. One on milestones of the CIA’s first 50 years featured Mo Chambers, Paul McCrossan, and Jacques Tremblay, and another on the actuarial toolkit featured Chris Fievoli, Lloyd Milani, and Justin Pursaga.

At Les affaires we sponsored several morning and evening bulletins. On March 18, the home page featured several of the CIA’s animated ads, and we sent an e-mail message to Les affaires readers that discussed the actuarial toolkit.

Canadian Institute of Actuaries/Institut canadien des actuaires