1,500+ Enjoy Insight into Institute’s Past and Future

More than 1,500 actuarial professionals helped the CIA celebrate 50 years of actuarial excellence while earning 60 minutes of free Professionalism CPD during our 50th anniversary webcast.

The webcast, Highlights of the CIA’s History and Its Vision for the Future, proved to be one of the highest-attended events ever organized by the Institute. Actuarial professionals from across Canada and beyond registered to watch:

Lynn Blackburn, director of professional practice and volunteer development, whose department helped research the content for the webcast, said: "This was such an exciting day for the CIA and we’re very pleased that the members participated in such great numbers. When the idea for this webcast was born, we wanted to do something special on the CIA’s actual anniversary, not only to commemorate the day, but also to bring as many members as possible together in that moment. I was personally very happy to have been able to contribute to researching the content for the webcast (it brought back a lot of old memories!), and for the opportunity to work with the presenters. Each one brought their own history and experience to the table and we couldn’t have done it without the wealth of knowledge they were willing to share with us. I wasn’t around for the CIA’s 25th anniversary—I missed it by a couple of years—but with the retirement age on the rise, who knows? I may be here to help celebrate the 75th!"

Alicia Rollo, director of membership, education, and professional development, whose department organized the technology behind the webcast, said: "We were thrilled with the feedback received from members who enjoyed the live streaming video component. We are not able to do this for most webcasts due to the geographic proximity of the speakers and certain technology constraints, but it worked well for this special occasion since we had everyone in one location. We will be looking at more opportunities to use video streaming in the future."

For those who were unable to attend the webcast, or who would like to watch it again, the webcast has now been archived on the CIA website.

For details of upcoming webcasts and other CIA events, click here.

Canadian Institute of Actuaries/Institut canadien des actuaires