Volunteers Preparing for Valuable Lessons


As the Institute’s 50th anniversary approaches, more and more CIA members are volunteering to help create the next generation of actuarial professions.

Our Back 2 School program has already seen several presentations being made to high school students, but dozens of other volunteers are preparing to speak to students during March, April, and May.

The goal of Back 2 School is to put actuaries in front of high school math classes to talk about what actuaries do and how to qualify as an actuary, and to share their rich experiences in the profession.

To help deliver some consistent messages, each speaker will be equipped with a PowerPoint presentation involving a set of brief videos to engage the students, and some leave-behind materials. A contest is also being organized to keep audience members connected to the CIA following the volunteers’ visit.

To join those who have already signed up for this special project, contact a local high school and pitch the head of the mathematics department on having you speak to a grade 10–12 class. (Click here to see a list of talking points that will help you with this discussion.) This could be the school that your own child attends, or another in your community. We would also encourage you to consider returning to the high school you attended—especially if you grew up in a remote area where actuaries do not traditionally work.

If you are interested in reaching out to the next generation of actuaries, please contact Eric Mastropietro, co-ordinator, volunteer services, at eric.mastropietro@cia-ica.ca. For a list of schools that have already been chosen by volunteers, visit the Back 2 School page on the CIA website.

Canadian Institute of Actuaries/Institut canadien des actuaires