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BA082 Agenda: Board Meeting No 82 (November 26, 2014)
214123 CIA Accessibility Statement
214121 Discipline Bulletin: Volume 21, no 1 (November 2014)
214120 Policy on Copyright of Institute Publications
AM-2014-37 Session 37: ORSA Implementation (Volume 45, June 2014)
AM-2014-21 Session 21: Innovations in Managing Asset Decumulation Risk in Capital Accumulation Plans (Volume 45, June 2014)
214119 Policy on Proprietary Research Data
214118summary Research Paper on Operational Risk – Summary
214118 Research Paper on Operational Risk
AM-2014-8 Session 8: CLIFR Update (Volume 45, June 2014)
AM-2014-26 Session 26: It Is Tough Enough Being An Actuary. Let’s Not Add "Death by PowerPoint" (Volume 45, June 2014)
AM-2014-33 Session 33: Longevity Risk Perspectives (Volume 45, June 2014)
AM-2014-36 Session 36: Practical Applications of Predictive Modelling (Volume 45, June 2014)
EECM116 Eligibility and Education Council Minutes - Meeting nº 116 (October 20, 2014)
EECA117 Eligibility and Education Council Agenda - Meeting nº 117 (November 10, 2014)
AE014 Presentation to Dalhousie Law School: Division of pensions on marriage breakdown
214116 Seeing Beyond Risk (November 2014)
SES5INV2014 Session 5 • Behavioral Biases in Investment Decision-Making
AM-2014-24 Session 24: Development of Simplified Issue Products in Canada (Volume 45, June 2014)
AM-2014-27 Session 27: Systemic Risk (Volume 45, June 2014)
AM-2014-30 Session 30: Critical Illness Morbidity Studies – Most Recent Data! (Volume 45, June 2014)
214114 Educational Note: Premium Liabilities
SES4INV2014 Session 4 • Reflections on Governance and on Pension Plans
RFPLTHC Request for Proposals Regarding Canadian Long-Term Healthcare Trend Resource Model As at November 3, 2014

214117 Submission to Finance Canada: Proposed Amendments to Certain Regulations Relating to Pensions
EB1014PDF (e)Bulletin October 2014 (PDF Version)
EB1014 (e)Bulletin October 2014
SES5-3PEN2014 Session 5 • New CPM Tables – Further Review and Analysis - Introductory Comments
SES1PEN2014 Session 1 • ASB Update
SES1-1PEN2014 Session 1 - PPFRC Update
SES2-1INV2014 Session 2 • Longevity Risk and Investment Vehicles
SES2PEN2014 Session 2 • ACPM Round-Up
214113 Submission to Federal and Provincial Regulators on Pension Funding and Transfer Values

November's tweets from @CIA_Actuaries:

Presentation by Chief Actuary Ménard, at the @FMI_IGF on the topic of public sector pension plans.

Live to 100? More Canadians better plan for it @globeandmail @KiwiV

The Actuarial Report on the Pension Plan for the Canadian Forces - Regular Force

Economical Insurance appoints #ActuaryChris Van Kooten to senior vice-president and chief underwriting officer #FCIA

Charles Sousa's economic update gives shape to Ontario pension plan: Mayers via @torontostar

Government of Canada Considering Issuing More Ultra-Long Bonds

#ActuarialStudents Register today for #ASNA2015! #Montreal

OSFI is re-issuing Chapters 1, 2, and 6 of its guideline on Liquidity Adequacy Requirements

Updated #Canadian #population estimates by marital status, legal marital status, age and sex are now available

Final version of revised Guideline E-13 (re-named Regulatory Compliance Management)

Congratulations to @CASact on your centennial anniversary!

#Actuaries looking for work? Check out the CIA Actuarial #JobsBank

Final version: Guideline B-21 Residential Mortgage Insurance Underwriting Practices and Procedures

Final revised version: MCCSR guideline for life insurers

Thank you Benefactor-level sponsors of #Investment Seminar: GGY Axis, Elliott Bauer, @KPMG_Canada, RGA, @SCOR_SE and @SOActuaries

Discussing behavioral biases in #investment decision-making with @LisaKramer at #Investment Seminar

Thank you to our Patron-level sponsors of the CIA #Investment and #Pension seminars @DeloitteCanada @AurigenRe @SunLifeCA

Up next the CIA #InvestmentSeminar: evolution of smart #betastrategies and underlying characteristics with @somseif

Exploring the range of #investmentstructures used to manage and mitigate the #risk in Canada and internationally

On today at CIA #InvestmentSeminar: ethical, strategic, and governance implications of #shareholder activism

The Actuarial Report on the Regular Force Death Benefit Account has been tabled

Thanks to @ChantalHbert for a great presentation at the CIA #PensionSeminar

Provinces need to innovate on #healthcare. But provinces can't do it on their own, says @ChantalHbert

The Actuarial Report on the Pension Plan for the Members of Parliament has been tabled

More from @ChantalHbert: #aging population is the elephant in the room

InfoPensions newsletter: 12th issue is now available on our website

Presentation by Jean-Claude Ménard, Chief Actuary, at the @ISSACOMM International Research Conference

Ahead today at #PensionSeminar: new standard of practice for #actuarialevidence and pensioners #Mortalitytables

Interesting point from @ChantalHbert: short-term objectives of #politics vs. long-term nature of #actuarialwork

Pleased to have @ChantalHbertas luncheon speaker at the CIA #Pensionseminar today

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