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SE3INV2014 Session 3 • Benchmarking: From CAPM to Smart Betas

SES3PEN2014 Session 3 • Enhancing Canada’s Long-Term Investment Markets

SES5-2PEN2014 Session 5 • New CPM Mortality Tables Further Review and Analysis

SES2INV2014 Session 2 • Longevity Risk

214112 Sustained Low Interest Rate Environment: Can It Continue? Why It Matters

RESM046 RES: Minutes - Meeting – August 7, 2014

214111 Educational Note Supplement: Guidance for Assumptions for Hypothetical Wind-Up and Solvency Valuations Update – Effective September 30, 2014, and Applicable to Valuations with Effective Dates Between September 30, 2014, and December 30, 2014

SES5-1PEN2014 Longevity Risk, Key Trends, Issues and Opportunities

SES4-1PEN2014 Is it or Isn’t it Actuarial Evidence? Standards and War Stories

MSCA111 Member Services Council Agenda - Meeting nº 111 (October 22, 2014)

MSCM110 Member Services Council Minutes - Meeting nº 110 (August 26, 2014)

AM-2014-9 Pension Risk Management: Adapting in a Dynamic Environment (Volume 45, June 2014)

AM-2014-18 Macroeconomic Trends – Where are Interest Rates Going? (Volume 45, June 2014)

SES1INV2014 How Environmental, Social and Governance issues affect investment decision-making and what influence large institutional investors may have on corporations

SES4PEN2014 Expert Actuarial Evidence – Counsel’s Perspective

SES5PEN2014 New CPM Mortality Tables - Further Review and Analysis

214110 Volunteer Applicant Registry Procedures and Guidelines

EECA116 Eligibility and Education Council Agenda - Meeting nº 116 (October 20, 2014)

CCSCM005 CCSC: Minutes of the September 18, 2014 Meeting

ERMAM065 ERMA: Minutes – Meeting – September 12, 2014

IAAREWG0614 Notes on IAA REWG Meeting June 6th 2014

IAAREWG0914 Notes on IAA REWG Meeting in London, UK on September 12th 2014

214108 Educational Note – 2014 Guidance to the Appointed Actuary for Property and Casualty Insurers

SI101514 Standards of Practice – Insurance (October 15, 2014)

SC101514 Standards of Practice (October 15, 2014)

SG101514 Standards of Practice – General Standards (October 15, 2014)

CECM2015 Committee on Continuing Education Meetings Schedule for 2015

TIMELINE2015 2015 Annual Meeting Timeline

OG2015 Orientation Guide 2014-2015

214109 Research Paper: Development of New Prescribed Interest Rate Scenarios for CALM Valuations

AM-2014-6 Session 6: What Will Be the Impact of the Recent T10 Industry Lapse Rate Study? (Volume 45, June 2014)

214107 Notice of Intent to Incorporate Principles of International Standard of Actuarial Practice 2 – Financial Analysis of Social Security Programs into the Canadian Standards of Practice

AM-2014-2 Session 2: CIA Update on Key Activities (Volume 45, June 2014)

EB0914PDF (e)Bulletin September 2014 (PDF Version)

EB0914 (e)Bulletin September 2014

AM-2014-GBS Session 1: General Business Session (Volume 45, June 2014)

AM-2014LU1 LU-1: Luncheon, New Fellows Recognition, and Volunteer Awards Ceremony (Volume 45, June 2014)

AM-2014LU2 LU-2: Luncheon, President’s Farewell Speech, Change of Office, and Incoming President’s Address (Volume 45, June 2014)

October's tweets from @CIA Actuaries:

#Pension seminar talks about new #Canadian #Pensioners’ #Mortality (CPM) tables, Nov 4 in #Montreal

As #NS4RW wraps up, tell us your tips on saving for #retirement

#ActuarialStudents Early-bird registration for #ASNA2015is now open!

#Investment seminar: @LisaKramer discusses behavioral biases in investment decision-making

In honor of #NS4RW, #actuaries have insight into how long you might live

Benchmarking: From CAPM to Smart Betas presented by @somseif at the CIA #Investment Seminar

"We're much better prepared for #retirement than we seem to think we are" says #Actuary Fred Vettese

#ActuarialStudents Don’t miss the CIA’s #professionalism workshop Nov 6 in #Montréal

#Actuary Rob Brown talks to @AmandaLang_CBC @ExchangeCBC about the cost of #pension plans (scroll to 14:45)

It’s National Saving 4 #Retirement Week in the US #NS4RW. Here are some tips for Canadians

Excited to have @ChantalHbert as keynote speaker of our #Pension seminar on Nov 4 #Montreal #Actuaries

Congratulations to #Actuary Robert Dumas on your appointment to president @SunLifeQC!

Government of Canada releases financial literacy strategy for seniors

A new version of the Risk Assessment Framework for Federally Regulated Private Pension Plans is available

The pros and cons of longevity - via @winnipegnews via @sharethis

#Actuary Susan Kudzman #FCIA joins Board of Directors of Yellow Media Limited

#Actuaries looking for work? Check out the CIA Actuarial #JobsBank

#Actuary Rob Brown on why shifting from defined benefit to defined contribution #pension plans won’t work

"There is strong evidence #Canada will not meet its international 2020 #greenhouse gas #emission reduction target"

Pension plan solvency declines in third quarter: Aon Hewitt @torontostar

#Actuaries have told #Senators: a ban on sharing known results of #genetic tests is against the public interest

14th #actuarial study: increasing #longevity of Canadian population puts pressure on the cost of #DBPlans

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