New Opportunities and Achievements

Jacques Boudreau, Bob Howard, and CIA Executive Director Michel Simard appeared before the Senate Standing Committee on Human Rights to present the CIA's opinion on Bill S-201, An Act to prohibit and prevent genetic discrimination.

Rob Brown appeared on CBC's The Exchange with Amanda Lang to discuss the cost of pension plans.

Robert Dumas, Sun Life Financial's senior vice-president, group business, Québec, has become president of Sun Life Financial Québec.

Blue Cross Life has appointed Jonathan Ferron as its Appointed Actuary, and Tim Mawhinney as chief risk officer.

Susan Kudzman, senior vice-president, human resources, at Laurentian Bank, has been named as the latest member of the board of Yellow Media.

In Benefits Canada, Geoffrey Melbourne and Ian Markham of Towers Watson discussed the issue of how employers can mitigate longevity risk, given the fact that Canadians are living well past the old mandatory retirement age.   

Networking is a key part of any successful professional's career, and the CIA is offering you a fresh opportunity to inform your peers about your achievements and progress.

Our (e)Bulletin section, Actuaries on the Move, is a chance for you to publicize your new job, title, credentials or other information. This is an opportunity to tell thousands of fellow actuaries and financial professionals—whether they are ex-colleagues, former college friends, potential employers, future clients, etc.—about, for example:
  • Your new job;
  • A change of title or area of responsibility;
  • Your new qualifications;
  • A change of contact details;
  • Awards or other recognition; or
  • Publication of academic papers or articles.
Simply send an e-mail—one line of information can be enough, but feel free to add more if you so wish—to the CIA's English Editor at and we will aim to include it in the next issue of the (e)Bulletin.

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