CIA Joins Employers to Promote Profession to 200 Students

The CIA and actuarial employers met hundreds of UQAM students during an informative three-hour session.

University students turned out in force to learn about opportunities and jobs available to them in actuarial science, and the role the CIA could play in helping them become actuaries.

The Institute had one of the largest and most visible booths at a job fair organized earlier this month by the Association Générale Étudiante en Mathématique et Actuariat at the Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM).

Around 500 students are studying the UQAM actuarial program, and approximately 200 of them attended the event to visit 15 booths set up by key actuarial employers: consulting firms, life insurance companies, casualty insurers, and banks.

The three-hour fair, which takes place each year, is designed to enable students and employers to connect face to face for recruiting purposes. The CIA was also there to answer questions about the University Accreditation Program, career opportunities within and outside Canada, recognition of the ACIA and FCIA designations, and qualification requirements.

The Institute’s representatives were kept busy assisting students and offering advice on topics like exam-writing techniques and approaches to studying for a successful journey through the advanced examinations. The subject of international recognition of the ACIA/FCIA designations was also outlined by explaining the existing mutual recognition agreements with other actuarial organizations.

For more information about actuarial careers, continuing professional development, and other education-related issues, visit the Membership and Education section of the CIA website.

Canadian Institute of Actuaries/Institut canadien des actuaires