June's Updates

Member Services Council

The following people have been appointed to the (sub)committees named below:

The MSC has approved the following revised mandate of the New Members Committee:

The mandate of the New Members Committee is to get new members of the CIA (Associates and Fellows) involved in the Institute at an early stage and promote volunteerism and personal development.The committee will accomplish this by developing educational and networking opportunities specifically targeted at new Fellows and new Associates of the CIA, as well as helping to support the initiatives of the Committee for Volunteer Initiatives and any other CIA committees that target new CIA members.

It has also approved the following revised mandate of the Climate Change and Sustainability Committee:

The purpose of the Climate Change and Sustainability Committee is to raise awareness of climate change and environmental sustainability, and support the Canadian actuarial profession in playing a meaningful role in addressing these global challenges, both in providing advice to clients and providing input on public policy.Relevant areas of interest include (but are not limited to) climate change, natural resource depletion, water and air pollution, land management, agriculture, energy, infrastructure, and waste management.

The committee’s primary focus is on communication, dialogue, and education (as opposed to original research). Key objectives of the committee are to:

For information only:

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