December's Documents and Tweets

December's published documents:

Exposure Draft – Revisions to Economic Reinvestment Assumptions within the Practice-Specific Standards on Insurance Contract Valuation: Life and Health (Accident and Sickness) Insurance (Section 2300 and Subsection 1110)
Initial Communication of Promulgations of the Maximum Net Credit Spread, Ultimate Reinvestment Rates, and Calibration Criteria for Stochastic Risk-Free Interest Rates in the Standards of Practice for the Valuation of Insurance Contract Liabilities: Life and Health (Accident and Sickness) Insurance (Subsection 2330 of the Exposure Draft for Revisions to the Standards of Practice)
Canadian Institute of Actuaries (CIA) University Accreditation Program (UAP) – External Examiners Wanted
Member Services Council Agenda - Meeting nÂș 103
213104 Educational Note – Guidance for the 2013 Valuation of Insurance Contract Liabilities and Dynamic Capital Adequacy Testing for Property and Casualty Insurers

December's tweets from @CIA Actuaries:

@StatCan_eng: membership in registered pension plans (RPPs) in Canada reached 6,114,600 in 2011, up 0.8% in a year

Canadians will take on record levels of consumer debt next year, in part to buy cars, says credit bureau @TransUnion

@bankofcanada and others start public consultation on Bank’s risk management standards for designated infrastructures

CIA members to speak at Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction seminar on pricing risk of water damage claims

@FSCOTweets seeking submissions for three-year auto insurance review

Americans are richer and tend to spend more, on average, than Canadians - but not on food/alcohol, says TD report

@StatCan_eng Women in university less likely than men to study science, tech, engineering, maths, computers

CIA member Rob Brown: expanding #CPP is "best idea" to help #pensions. "Now is the time to act" - via @WinnipegNews

#Actuaries' work highlighted as @CBCNews article looks at auto insurers' profits in #NovaScotia

CIA member Lyna Gendron appointed AVP, pricing and underwriting, group insurance, at Standard Life

#Actuary Jean-Guy Sauriol's #GrandAdventure of @Maple_Lys featured in @TheTorontoSun

@StatCan_eng on employer pension plans: market value $1.2 tn at end of Q2, virtually unchanged from previous quarter

Join #CIA @FairmontHotels #Royal #York #Hotel #Toronto to discuss the process for setting #ActuarialStandards

Last chance for the professionalism webcast for 2013

#Actuaries short on CPD hours? Register for the CIA professionalism webcast

Want to discuss how #ActuarialStandards of practice relate to pensions, insurance, benefit programs? Join us

StatsCan releases Pension Satellite Account 2012 - pension wealth advanced to $2.6 trillion, up 9.1% from 2011

Sally Gunz, professor of business law & ethics @UWaterloo, discusses actuarial standards and the public interest

The 26th Actuarial Report discusses the financial state of the CPP

Interested in #ActuarialStandards of practice? Attend the #ASOCPublicMeeting

CIA member Elaine Lajeunesse, VP of BMO Financial, will discuss bank's #ERM program on Risk Radio on Thursday

One week complete in #GrandAdventure of @Maple_Lys supporting @BreakfastCanada and Actuarial Foundation of Canada

Canadian Institute of Actuaries/Institut canadien des actuaires