Busy Time for Member Services Council

By Marc-André Melançon, FCIA

I am taking this opportunity to provide the membership with updates on some recent developments at the Member Services Council (MSC) and its various subcommittees.


The CIA director of communications and public affairs, Les Dandridge, plus our English editor Andrew Melvin and Communications Committee Chair Stephen Cheng, have recruited an editorial panel for the publication that will replace Beyond Risk. This new publication will be named Seeing Beyond Risk, and will be published quarterly with the first issue expected in January 2014. Stay tuned!

Social Media

The CIA has been active on Twitter for over a year and its number of followers has been increasing very steadily since its inception. It is noteworthy that a very significant number of them are non-CIA members.

CIA Website Modernization

The long-awaited new CIA website was finally launched this year. It has improved access to the many resources available to the members. It continues to be enhanced and updated, and in the last few months an extensive research section has been added along with an index of publications by year, a separate Policies and Guidelines page, and a Meeting Archives section.

We welcome any comments on the changes brought to the functionality of the website.

Research Projects

In the previous edition of the (e)Bulletin, Dave Dickson, Chair of the Research Committee, reported on the ongoing research projects. The CIA is always listening to its members, and please share with us any good, pertinent research project ideas!

Other Activities

Predictive Modelling

The MSC is looking into the opportunity of establishing predictive modelling as a non-traditional area of practice. Many of you will be aware that this field of work has been gaining traction in both the property and casualty and life insurance industries. We would welcome input from membership on this subject.

Anybody with comments or suggestions can contact me at mamelancon@rgare.ca

Marc-André Melançon, FCIA, is Chair of the Member Services Council.


Canadian Institute of Actuaries/Institut canadien des actuaires