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CIA Webcast - Actuaries’ Involvement in the Supervision Approach, Québec Insurance Sector - October 16, 2013

Jean-François Ouellet, ACAS, director, insurers supervision division, Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF)
Jean Côté, ACIA, ACAS, CRM, executive advisor, insurers supervision branch, AMF

The AMF is the Québec integrated regulatory body charged with protecting Québec consumers of financial products. Actuarial supervision is an important contributory factor in risk-based supervision of insurers licensed to practise in Québec. In this webcast we will present the results of actuarial analyses of actuaries’ reports and Dynamic Capital Adequacy Tests (DCATs) for Québec chartered casualty insurers, as well as upcoming changes in the instructions for these reports. We will also examine the results of the earthquake exposure analysis.

CIA Pension Seminar - Toronto - November 12, 2013

CIA Investment Seminar - Toronto - November 13, 2013

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CIA 2014 Annual Meeting – Vancouver – June 18–19, 2014

CIA 2014 Seminar for the Appointed Actuary – Toronto – September 22–23, 2014

CIA 2014 Pension Seminar – Montréal – November 4, 2014

CIA 2014 Investment Seminar – Montréal – November 5, 2014

CIA 2015 Annual Meeting – Ottawa – June 17–18, 2015

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