CIA’s 50th Anniversary Offers a Prize Opportunity

For many, the word "actuary" conjures up an image of a serious professional fixated on numbers and accuracy to the exclusion of everything else. However, as we all know, this is a complete fallacy . . .

The Canadian Institute of Actuaries (CIA) will be celebrating its 50th anniversary throughout 2015, bringing with it an ideal opportunity to prove just how fun-loving and enthusiastic actuaries can be (if given enough notice for sufficient modelling and forecasting, perhaps?).

Some groups are already at work sketching out events and activities for this landmark year, and now you can play a key role in celebrating the profession’s achievements in the five decades since a group of actuaries took measures to convert, through an Act of Parliament, the Canadian Association of Actuaries into a federal corporation: the CIA.

In May, the Institute will be launching a contest to define a theme for the anniversary, with a prize of an iPad for the author of the winning entry. The winner will be announced, and will receive their prize, at the 2013 CIA Annual Meeting on June 20–21 in Montréal.


As those who have attended actuarial events can testify, actuaries do know how to have a good time (even if, admittedly, non-actuaries will rarely understand actuarial humour). The 50th anniversary is an opportunity to demonstrate that the CIA can give actuaries the best time—now we only need the right theme!