Your 2013 Elections Candidates

The Elections Committee is pleased to present its slate of candidates for election to the CIA Board for terms beginning in 2013. There are eight candidates for Director, two for Secretary-Treasurer, and two for the office of President-elect. This slate of candidates was developed through the election process adopted by the CIA in 2007, and includes candidates identified by the committee as well as any members who put their names forward.

Position statements and biographical data for all of the candidates will appear on the CIA website before voting begins.

Please note that all Fellows will be able to cast their votes electronically in the Members Section of the CIA website beginning May 14.

Jacques Tremblay
Joe Nunes

John Dark
Steve Prince

Daniel Doyle
Stephen Easson
Dale Mathews
Scott McGaire
Paul Raeburn
Jean-Yves Rioux
Dean Stamp
Mercy Yan