Recent Member Services Council Activities

y Marc-André Melançon, FCIA

With 2012 coming to an end, I am pleased to have the opportunity to share with you the current developments at the Member Services Council (MSC) and its various committees.

Member Listening Group

As we announced last June, the CIA has created the Member Listening Group (MLG), a volunteer group that will play a uniquely important role: providing timely and direct feedback from our members on various issues. As of this writing, the group is built of 100 members who have accepted the responsibility to respond to quickly to all surveys—usually short and pinpointed—submitted to them. The first survey was submitted to the MLG a few weeks ago and was meant to obtain members’ opinion and insights on the future direction of the publication meant to replace Beyond Risk; it was a very fruitful exercise and some of the results will be shared with the MLG.

Research Projects

As always, research is an important endeavour and responsibility of the CIA. The Chair of the Research Committee, Marc-André Belzil, provided the following updates:
Public Positions and Submissions

Over the past year, the CIA responded to numerous requests for comments through the MSC. We believe in the importance of making our voice heard on public policy issues where actuarial expertise can make a tangible contribution to the debate. Here are the issues we covered:
New Member Committee – Looking for a Chair!

One of the Institute’s objectives is to see young members of the CIA becoming more involved and influential in matters concerning our profession. In this regard, the New Member Committee has been created by the MSC in recent months and it is eager to start its activities . . . but first we need to find its inaugural chair!

If you are interested in joining the current group of committee members or becoming chair, please do not hesitate to contact me, or the MSC Vice-chair, Cathy Shum-Adams, either by phone or e-mail via the Online Directory.

Pension Advisory Committee

Social Media

We launched the CIA Twitter account on March 29 and we now have more than 500 followers. The CIA has sent almost 200 tweets in both official languages.

Season’s greetings!

Marc-André Melançon, FCIA, is Chair of the Member Services Council.