Board and Council Updates


The appointment of Mike Hale as a member of the Committee on International Relations (CIR) has been approved, effective immediately. Note: Lesley Thomson’s term on the CIR has expired, effective immediately. Also, Mo Chambers’ term expired on October 5, 2011.

The appointment of Bruce Langstroth as Vice-chair of the Practice Council has been approved, effective immediately.

The appointment of Claude Ferguson as Chair of the Risk Management Committee has been approved, effective immediately. Note: Daniel Pellerin has resigned as chair of the committee.

The following task forces have been disbanded with thanks: the Board Orientation Session Task Force, the Task force to develop a CIA public position on the evolution of Government Sponsored Plans, the Task Force to Review Rule of Professional Conduct #13, the Task Force on Individual Savings and Financial Literacy, and the 2006 Pension Review Task Force.

Practice Council

Stan Warawa has been appointed Chair of the Committee on Workers’ Compensation, effective September 1, 2011.

The following revised mandate of the Committee on Risk Management and Capital Requirements has been approved: "The committee will further the development of actuarial techniques in the areas of risk management and capital requirements for life and property and casualty insurers. The committee will conduct or commission research, develop educational material and provide support in the development of standards of practice for insurers. The committee will also work closely with Canadian regulators in their development and review of guidelines for insurer risk management and capital requirements. The committee reports to Practice Council and will liaise and work in collaboration with other CIA committees on matters of common interest."