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By Keith Walter, FCIA

As always, the past few months have been a busy time for the Research Council (REC). During a very productive 2018, we published 20 research reports. Although it’s early in 2019, we have already published two papers, with several more, currently in the approval process, to come.

Selecting New Research Projects

As I write this article, the REC is in the process of choosing a new set of research projects to approve for its first funding cycle of 2019. This year we received 20 proposals for research in academic, experience, and topic-specific categories.

At its February 25 meeting, the REC discussed and ranked each proposal, considering type of project, its alignment with strategic themes, achievability scores, as well as the impact, cost benefit, uniqueness, and quality of each proposal. 

An important part of making research projects a success is reviewing and talking about the research. In early March, we launched two initiatives to help promote CIA research among members, and to give them an opportunity to discuss it with other interested individuals.

New Podcast Initiative

The Seeing Beyond Risk podcast, also available in the iTunes store and on Spotify, is a pilot project that initially focuses on CIA research. Featuring interviews with the authors of published research, the first two podcasts are available in English. Our most recent podcast, on the topic of the group long-term disability termination study, is available in French and English. Future episodes may explore actuarial topics beyond the work of the REC.

LinkedIn Community

The CIA Research Hub on LinkedIn provides an exclusive forum for members to stay up to date and discuss everything related to actuarial research activities. If you haven’t already, I encourage you to join the group and take part in the conversation between researchers and practising actuaries. 

Volunteers Needed

Every research project has a project oversight group (POG), a group of volunteers with defined responsibilities on managing the research project. It’s important that we have volunteers with relevant experience to join POGs to help make a project successful. Being on a POG is an easy way to volunteer, as it is a small commitment, with a limited time frame. Please consider volunteering with the REC. You may be able to claim the time towards continuing professional development (CPD) hours. For more information, visit our project oversight groups web page.

Keith Walter, FCIA, is Chair of the Research Council.


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