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Exciting Developments in Education

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By Alison Rose, FCIA

On behalf of the Eligibility and Education Council (EEC) I would like to highlight some exciting developments with respect to both core actuarial education and continuing education for Canadian actuaries.

The CIA Annual Conference

The March (e)Bulletin introduced the forthcoming 2019 Annual Conference, which is now open for registration. This event will be held in Montréal on June 20–21 and represents a rebranding of the prior Annual Meeting. While continuing to be the premier event for the profession to network and focus on career development, the new conference promises an increased focus on the provision of structured continuing professional development (CPD) content as well as new session formats.

The Continuing Education Committee has done a great job of arranging an exciting program with topics designed to appeal to traditional and emerging practice areas. IFRS 17 continues to be top of mind for insurance practitioners, and the program offers a full range of sessions that will enable attendees to stay informed of recent developments and their Canadian implications. Other topics spanning practice areas include regulatory developments, cyber risk, and data analytics.

With a top-class lineup of keynote speakers and plenty of networking opportunities to forge new connections and reaffirm existing ones, be sure to register now.

CPD Requirements Effective January 1, 2020

Now that the deadline has passed for CPD filing for the period January 1, 2017, to December 31, 2018, it’s time to plan your CPD in relation to the new requirements that come into effect on January 1, 2020.

As a brief reminder, the 100 required hours have been reduced to 80, still accrued over a rolling two-year period. Some terminology has been changed to allow members greater flexibility in choosing the CPD that is relevant to them. More information about the new requirements is available on the Continuing Professional Development page of the website.

There is also the mandatory professionalism module that members must complete by December 31, 2019. More information about the module will be available soon. Please watch for this important release.


We are also working hard on a new e-learning platform that will be used in the future for the above-mentioned professionalism module. The platform will provide members with a technology-forward means of completing the required professionalism CPD at their own pace, with a variety of interactive features to make the learning experience more enjoyable. We expect to launch the e-learning modules later this year.

Practice Education Course

The revamped Practice Education Course (PEC) is now in its second year. New developments include the following:

  • Two offerings. This year the sessions will be held in Toronto (June) and Montréal (December).
  • New practice tracks are being added – P&C, ERM, and Finance.
  • More interactive session formats to be offered with emphasis on case studies. One of the aims of the PEC is to look at practical applications of actuarial techniques to real-world situations.
  • A dinner with CIA President-Elect Marc Tardif has been added to the agenda.

Successful completion of the PEC is one of the requirements for the FCIA designation. 

CIA Syllabus Review

The CIA education syllabus is reviewed every two years to ensure that we not only keep it current, but also consider the skills that may be required in the future. IFRS 17 is a key input to our review, along with potential emerging areas of practice in Canada such as banking, health care, and financial reporting related to climate change and sustainability. 

If you have thoughts on the future skill set of actuaries, or other education-related matters, please contact me through my online directory email address on the CIA member website.

Alison Rose, FCIA, is Chair of the Eligibility and Education Council.


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