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June 2017

CIA Media Campaign Success: Big Data and Predictive Modelling

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In a data-driven world, businesses that employ actuaries as predictive modelling and big data subject matter experts will be rewarded. That was the key message delivered in the CIA’s annual advertising campaign which wrapped up at the end of March.

“The goal of this campaign was to showcase the skill set of actuaries in big data and predictive modelling to potential employers,” says Kelly Fry, CIA manager of marketing and public affairs. “We want to highlight how actuaries are the professionals companies need to help transform their business.” The campaign’s theme was “actuaries point the way”.

Marketing and communications agency, Banfield, delivered the integrated marketing campaign that included video, print ads, advertorials, digital advertising, social media, and a landing page on the CIA website. The campaign ran nationally for six weeks and featured print and digital articles in a variety of media, including The Globe and Mail, La Presse, Report on Business Magazine, and the National Post.

Two major media stories in the Globe and Mail featured CIA Fellows. One was an interview with Rémi Villeneuve about the work he does with big data as the chief actuary at Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada. The second article will be published June 12. In it, Allen Hornung, manager of talent analytics and strategic workforce planning at Enbridge, writes about organizational network analysis. Report on Business magazine also featured an interview with Charles Cossette, director of risk quantification at EDC, on the role of actuaries in big data.  

The National Post’s website featured a series of articles with interviews from FCIAs in traditional and non-traditional areas.  An overview of big data with industry experts also featured Chris Fievoli, speaking to the actuarial skill set. Étienne Plante-Dubé, director of modelling and research at Desjardins General Insurance Group, gave an example of his work in insurance. Claude Ferguson, Chair of the Emerging Practices Committee, discussed the portability of actuaries’ skills and the increasing roles actuaries are filling in non-traditional areas. Finally, Erik von Shilling, vice-president of pensions and treasury investment management at CIBC, gave an interview about the work he is doing in banking and the opportunities for actuaries in this arena.

The landing page on the CIA website displayed a 30-second video, demonstrating how big data has the power to transform a business and how actuarial expertise can help bring clarity to complex data and shape the future of an organization. CIA members Mark Struck (vice-president, enterprise risk management, at Wawanesa Mutual Insurance), Sonya Tomin (manager, demographic and workforce analysis, BC Stats), and Allen Hornung (manager, talent analytics and strategic workforce planning at Enbridge), were featured on the landing page as actuaries currently working in big data and predictive modelling. There were almost 9,000 unique views of the landing page.

On social media, the topic of actuaries and big data proved to be very popular. The campaign used Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to promote the videos and facts from the campaign, with Twitter delivering more than 10,000 clicks to the campaign landing page. “The campaign achieved more than 700,000 impressions [views] on social media over a six-week period,” adds Ms. Fry. “This is a clear indication of the level of interest in big data and predictive analytics, and helps elevate the profession and position actuaries as the subject matter experts in this area.”

The CIA would like to thank all members who participated in this advertising campaign. “We are trying to expand on opportunities for members by showcasing how an actuary’s skill set can be used in many different industries,” Ms. Fry says. “Telling the stories of real actuaries and the work they are doing helps highlight this great profession and what an organization can gain by hiring an actuary. We truly appreciate the time our members gave to this project.”                        

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