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January 2017

My Resolutions for 2017

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Dave Dickson, President

  • That we make progress on our strategic plan.
  • That we improve member engagement.
  • That the next time I visit Ottawa in the winter there isn't record-setting snow.
  • That the Québec City Annual Meeting is our best and most successful.
  • That at the end of the year our staff, Board, and volunteers feel that the CIA had its best year in 2017.

Alan Cooke, Director

In 2017, I resolve not to engage in any political discussions on the Actuarial Outpost and post comments only in the sports threads.

Sharon Giffen, President-elect

My resolution is to work hard to ensure that every member of the CIA finds value in engaging with the Institute at least once per year.

Robert Stapleford, Immediate Past President

For 2017, I hope to visit the offices of the Australian Actuaries Institute and to start convincing my two-year-old granddaughter of the merits of an actuarial career.

Marie-Hélène Malenfant, Chair of the Members Services Council

My resolution for 2017 is to work very hard to initiate the various stages of the strategic plan regarding member services, including public statements and emerging practices. My goal is that by the end of my term in June 2017, these projects are already on the road to success.

Dave Pelletier, Chair, International Relations Council

  • For the profession worldwide:determine what it will take to make the Chartered Enterprise Risk Analyst (CERA) designation meaningful for employers, clients, and regulators, and begin to take the steps necessary to get there.
  • For the CIA: build on what the profession is doing in other parts of the world, identify opportunities in "wider fields" (such as banking) for actuaries and what needs to be done to realize them.

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