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November 2015

Pension and Investment Seminars

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In early November, the CIA hosted two seminars: the Pension Seminar and the Investment Seminar.

This year, over 150 people attended the Pension Seminar in Toronto. The seminar featured a variety of sessions covering a wide-range of topics, including Canadian longevity risk transfer transactions, legal issues that plan sponsors and their advisors should be aware of, and a case study on new Ontario laws governing the transfer of assets between registered pension plans. Participants also heard updates from the Actuarial Standards Board (ASB), the CIA Committee on Pension Plan Financial Reporting (PPFRC), and the deputy superintendent of pensions at the Financial Institutions Commission of British Columbia. President Rob Stapleford presented an overview of the CIA's recent pension position.

Canadian figure skater Joannie Rochette gave a very interesting keynote speech on overcoming challenges. Her experience as a six-time national champion and Olympic bronze medallist showed focus, determination, and commitment—similar, to some extent, to what actuaries go through during their qualification process.

The next day, over 70 people attended the Investment Seminar, also in Toronto. During the seminar, speakers outlined how climate change is becoming an essential consideration of portfolio management. There were interesting presentations on the rise of liquid alternatives to recoil from the market losses of 2008. Speakers also shared long-term perspectives, following the past 10 years of roller coaster rides for financial markets and the world economy. Also, given the current very low interest rate environment, strategies were presented in case of rate increases. Finally, presenters discussed impacts on investments following new legislation in several jurisdictions that change the pension landscape.


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