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September 2015

Updates from the Last Three Months

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The membership of the following councils, panel, and committees for 2015–2016 has been approved, effective July 1, 2015:

  • Eligibility and Education (EEC): Angelita Graham (Chair), Rémi Villeneuve (Vice-chair), Mathieu Boudreault, Maxime-Frédéric Brochu-Leclair, Joel Cohen, Alana Farrell, Bruno Gagnon, Thomas Hinton, and Deborah McMillan.
  • International Relations (IRC): Dave Pelletier (Chair), Geoffrey Melbourne (Vice-chair), Robert Berendsen, Jim Christie, Denise Lang, Jason Malone, Robert McKay, Catherine Robertson, Chris Townsend, Jacques Tremblay (observer), and Board liaison(s). The new members being approved are Jim Christie, effective immediately, and Mike Hafeman, effective January 1, 2016. The terms of Mike Hale and Micheline Dionne (observer) ended on June 30; they left with thanks. The term of Chris Townsend will end on December 31, 2015.
  • Member Services (MSC): Marie-Hélène Malenfant (Chair), Jason Alleyne, Marc-André Belzil, Claire Bilodeau, Frank Grossman, Nari Persad, and Martin Roy. Marc Tardif and Dave Dickson completed their terms of office on June 30 and left with thanks. The revised mandate of the council, as recommended by the Governance Committee, has been approved.
  • Practice (PC): Pierre Dionne (Chair), Faisal Siddiqi (Vice-chair), Jacques Boudreau, Rachel Dutil, Kathryn Hyland, Donald Tettmar, Michael Williams, and Ty Faulds (Chair of ASB). Bruce Langstroth completed his term of office on June 30 and left with thanks.
  • Tribunal Panel: David Short (Chair),Simon Curtis, Gilles Dufresne, Brian FitzGerald, Normand Gendron, Neville Henderson, Guy Martel, Jean-Louis Massé, Daniel Murphy, Philip Pothier, Allan Shapira, William Solomon, Michel St-Germain, Bill Weiland, and Nancy Yake. The new member being approved is Jean-Louis Massé; the term of Ted Nixon ended on June 30 and he left with thanks.
  • Committee on Professional Conduct: Douglas Brooks (Chair), Stephen Eadie (Vice-chair), Richard Béliveau, François Boulanger, Stephen Butterfield, Luc Dionne, Sym Gill (not enrolled in the CIA), Don Ireland, Maryse Larouche, Pierre Laurin, Claude Lockhead, Bonnie Lysyk (not enrolled in the CIA), Louis Martin, and Jean-Claude Primeau. Jacques Tremblay replaces Jacques Lafrance as an ex officio member of the committee. Liam McFarlane and Dave Dickson left the committee on June 30, with thanks.

The Board members for 2015–2016 are: Jacques Tremblay (Immediate Past President), Rob Stapleford (President), Dave Dickson (President-elect), John Dark (Secretary-Treasurer), David Congram, Alan Cooke, Dan Doyle, Steve Easson, Claude Ferguson, Richard Gauthier, Minaz Lalani, Denise Lang, Karen Lockridge, Jean-Yves Rioux, Marc Tardif, and Mercy Yan. Jacques Lafrance, Michel Giguère, Sharon Giffen, Kim Young, and Joe Nunes have left the Board, with thanks from the Institute.

The following people have been appointed to the committees named below, effective July 1, 2015:

  • 2016 Elections: Jim Christie (Chair), Stephen Bonnar, Christiane Bourassa, Simon Curtis, Marc-André Melançon, Dennis Schettler, Michel Giguère, and Jacques Lafrance.
  • Governance: Dave Dickson (Chair), Alan Cooke, David Congram, Claude Ferguson, Minaz Lalani, and Denise Lang.
  • Human Resources, Finance, and Audit: John Dark (Chair), Richard Gauthier, Karen Lockridge, Marc Tardif, and Jacques Tremblay.
  • Risk: Mercy Yan (Chair), John Dark, Dan Doyle, Steve Easson, and Jean-Yves Rioux.

The following people have been appointed as Board liaisons for the councils named below:

  • EEC: Richard Gauthier;
  • IRC: David Congram;
  • MSC: Marc Tardif; and
  • PC: Minaz Lalani.

Eligibility and Education Council

The following people have been appointed to the (sub)committees named below, effective July 1, 2015, unless otherwise stated:

  • Accreditation:Jim Doherty (Vice-chair); John Dark (re-appointed as member);
  • Continuing Education (CEC): June Smyth, re-appointed; Daniel Klein, and Craig Allen;
  • CEC subcommittees:
    • Pension: June Smyth (Chair);
    • Investments: Daniel Klein (Chair), Martin Bélanger, François Bourdon, Ashley Goorachurn, and Benny Wan;
    • Actuarial Evidence: Craig Allen (Chair), Daniel Gagné, and Louis Martin, all retroactive to March 1, 2015;
  • Academic Relations: Sheldon Lin (Chair), Claudia Gagné, and José Garrido;
  • CIA Education Syllabus Committee: Claudia Gagné;
  • CIA Exam 6C Syllabus Committee: Brian Choi;
  • Professionalism within the CIA: Robert McKay, effective July 16, 2015; Mike Hale has been appointed as the Public Positions Committee liaison to the committee; and
  • Task Force to Review the Merits of Program Accreditation: Bruce Jones (Chair), Patrick Kavanagh, Peter Muirhead, Claude Pichet, and Amy Waldhauer (Casualty Actuarial Society observer). Their mandate is to review the advantages and disadvantages of program-based accreditation as well as the potential for a standardized national knowledge exam, and make a recommendation to the EEC.

The following people have completed their terms with, or resigned from, the groups named below, and have left with thanks:

  • Academic Relations: Mathieu Boudreault (Chair);
  • Retirement Benefits Exam Committee for the 2015 Practice Education Course: Nelsha Nanji;
  • Exam 6-Canada Syllabus Committee: Alena Kharkavets; and
  • Investments Subcommittee of the Committee on Continuing Education: Christopher Brisebois, Patrick Chamberland, Stanley Kwok, Ivy Lee, Martin Leroux, Sheldon Liu, and Harry Satanove.

The Task Force to Define Professionalism within the CIA and the Task Force on the 50th Anniversary Annual Meeting Celebration have been disbanded, with thanks.

Practice Council

The following people have been appointed to the positions named below:

  • Vice-chair of the Committee on Risk Management and Capital Requirements: Marco Fillion, effective May 25, 2015.
  • Members of the Committee on Property and Casualty Insurance Financial Reporting: Edward Lam and Philip Traicus, effective June 9, 2015. Yves Boissonnault-Francoeur has resigned from the committee, effective immediately.
  • PC liaisons:
    • Committee on Climate Change and Sustainability (reporting to the MSC): Rachel Dutil;
    • Committee on the Appointed/Valuation Actuary: Pierre Dionne;
    • Modelling Task Force: Pierre Dionne; and
    • Task Force on Pension and Post-Retirement Benefit Accounting Discount Rates: Faisal Siddiqi.

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