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April 2015

Board and Council Updates

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Jean-Yves Rioux has resigned as a liaison to the Member Services Council, effective February 25, 2015, and he leaves with thanks.

Eligibility and Education Council

The following people have been appointed to the (sub)committees and task force named below, effectively immediately:


  • Continuing Education: Houston Cheng, who has also been appointed as Chair of the committee’s Property and Casualty Insurance Subcommittee;
  • CIA Education Syllabus: Minaz Lalani, Bruce Langstroth, Isabelle Larouche, Sophia Banduk, and Stéphane McGee;
  • Graduate Scholarship Program Selection: John Dark;
  • Individual Life and Annuities and Finance and Investment Subcommittees for the 2015 Practice Education Course: John Horosko; and
  • Task Force to Define Professionalism Within the CIA: Kim Young (Chair) and Rémi Villeneuve—the task force’s mandate is to work on the related operational plan goals until a permanent committee is established.

The following people have completed their terms in the following positions, and leave with thanks:


  • Continuing Education Committee member and Chair of the committee’s Property and Casualty Insurance Subcommittee: Nathalie Bégin;
  • Property and Casualty Insurance Subcommittee members: Ling Bai and Ming Zhang; and
  • Accreditation Actuary at the University of Manitoba: Jeffrey Strong.

Member Services Council

The following people have been appointed as vice-chairs of the committees named below:

  • Climate Change and Sustainability: Catherine Jacques-Brissette, effective March 18, 2015; and
  • New Members: Joseph Kazibwe, effective March 25, 2015.

The Committee on Volunteer Initiatives has been replaced by the Volunteer Management and Development Committee. The members remain the same and a new mandate will be defined later.

Kayee Ng and Jim Murta have resigned from the Climate Change and Sustainability Committee, effective March 18, 2015, and leave with thanks.


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