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March 2015

Board and Council Updates

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Member Services Council

The following people have been appointed to the (sub)committees named below:

  • Enterprise Risk Management Applications: Danielle Harrison and Gaetano Geretto, January 9, 2015;
  • Research: Mathieu Boudreault, effective February 26, 2015;
  • Research Committee subcommittees:
    • Academic Research: Mathieu Boudreault (Chair), effective February 26, 2015;
    • Individual Life Experience: Vera Ljucovic, effective March 1, 2015.

The revised mandate for the Committee on Public Positions has been approved as presented, effective immediately:

The committee is charged with the review and approval of all public positions of the Institute, pursuant to the Policy on the Approval of Public Positions. Public positions do not include material covered under the Policy on the Approval Process for International Submissions, the Policy on Due Process for the Approval of Guidance Material other than Standards of Practice (e.g., educational notes), or committee or task force reports, or research reports. These documents could, however, serve as the basis for an Institute public position.

The committee is also charged with conducting an ongoing scan of the CIA’s environment to identify potential issues or topics on which the CIA could develop a public position.

The committee shall normally be composed of 10–15 experienced CIA volunteers, and include multiple members from each major practice area. The CIA President shall automatically be appointed as a member of the committee. Not all members of the committee will necessarily be involved in the approval of each public position. However, the President, or his or her delegate, shall normally review all public positions prior to their release.

The following change has been made in French: Sous-commission sur l’expérience des prestations versées du vivant de l’assuré (assurance-vie individuelle) will be changed to Sous-commission sur l’expérience des prestations versées du vivant de l’assuré (assurance individuelle).

The following people have resigned from the (sub)committees named below, and leave with thanks:

  • Enterprise Risk Management Applications: Shawn Sampson and Elaine Lajeunesse, effective December 12 and 15, 2014, respectively; and
  • Segregated Fund Experience Subcommittee: Kevin Gooden, effective January 22, 2015.

Practice Council

The following people have been appointed to the committees/task force named below:

  • Investment Practice: Ashley Goorachurn (Chair), effective February 9, 2015;
  • Actuarial Evidence: Craig Allen (Chair), effective March 1, 2015; and
  • Modelling Task Force: Brenda Perras (replacing Mike Palmer).

The DCAT Subcommittee and Solvency Framework Subcommittee of the Committee on Risk Management and Capital Requirements have been disbanded, effective September 1, 2013, and December 31, 2012, respectively.

Patrick Chamberland has completed his mandate as Chair of the Committee on Investment Practice, and leaves with thanks.

Kelley McKeating (Chair) and David Wolgelerenter have completed their mandates on the Committee on Actuarial Evidence, effective February 28, 2015, and leave with thanks.

Mike Palmer has resigned from the Modelling Task Force.


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