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February 2015

Board and Council Updates

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Eligibility and Education Council

The following people have been appointed to the groups named below:

  • 2015 Practice Education Course (PEC) Organizing Committee: Thomas Hinton (Chair), Steven Cheng, Wes Foerster, Michael Correa, Haripaul Pannu, and Jean-François Poitras, effective January 1, 2015.
  • PEC Exam Committees:
    • Group Benefits: Michael Correa (Chair), Erin Crump, Loretta Di Caro, Bruno Gagnon, Lyna Gendron, Martin Laframboise, Elisabeth Lamarche, René Norena, and Kimberley Palatnick. Bruce Langstroth (Chair) and Lucian Schulte resigned and leave with thanks; the new member being approved is Elisabeth Lamarche.
    • Individual Life and Annuities and Finance and Investment: Wes Foerster (Chair), Alan Bates, Nancy Brophy, Ahwaz Chagani, Matthew Didier, Mark Edwards, Chris Fung, Frédéric Jacques, Graham Kent, Jennie Leung, Ping-Teng Lin, Sophie Provencher, Katherine Russell, David Stalker, and Jay Zhong. Melissa Bui, Nathalie Cloutier, Mark Jarvis, Vikram Malik, Carole Vincent, and Si Xie resigned and leave with thanks; the new members being approved are Nancy Brophy, Matthew Didier, Chris Fung, Frédéric Jacques, Graham Kent, Ping-Teng Lin, Katherine Russell, and Jay Zhong.
    • Retirement Benefits: Stephen Cheng (Chair), Haripaul Pannu (co-Vice-chair), Jean-François Poitras (co-Vice-chair), Philippe Hudon, Karen Kulchyski, Andrew Kwan, Alexandre Larose, Catherine McElwain, Véronique Ménard, Nelsha Nanji, Don Tettmar, Gwendolyn Yager, and Henry Yuen. Mark Campbell, Murray Ferguson, Ryan Wall, and Alexandru Zaharia resigned and leave with thanks; the new members being approved are Philippe Hudon, Andrew Kwan, Véronique Ménard, and Gwendolyn Yager.

The council has approved the membership of the following (sub)committees for 2014–2015:

  • Continuing Education (CE): Deborah McMillan (Chair), Jeremy Bell (Vice-chair), Nathalie Bégin, Jean-Pierre Cormier, Chris Fievoli, Claudia Gagné, Pierre-Paul Renaud, Mayur Shah, June Smyth, and Joan Strothard. Éric Fontaine resigned and leaves with thanks.
  • CE subcommittees, retroactive to December 1, 2014, unless stated:
    • Enterprise Risk Management: Pierre-Paul Renaud (Chair), Jianhua (Jeanna) Li, Andrei Titioura, and Jay Zhong. Hélène Baril resigned and leaves with thanks.
    • Reinsurance/Individual Life and Health Insurance: Mayur Shah (Co-chair), Jean-Pierre Cormier (Co-chair), Laura Anders, Stephanie Banfield, Patrick Charbonneau, Emile Elefteriadis, Amit Malhotra, Jessica Newman, Maria Semak, and Elena Stoyanova Tonkovski.
    • Corporate Life and Health: Joan Strothard (Chair), Brian Fortune, Boon Thye Ho, Alison Rose, and Esther Shuo Wang.
    • Pension: June Smyth (Chair), Stephen Cheng, Charlene Moriarty, Jean-François Poitras, Gordon Ripley, and Tulio Walles Mora.
    • Group Life and Health: Jeremy Bell (Chair), Isabelle Bouchard, Edward Tsu-Jen Kuo, Louise Lessard, and Peter Muirhead.
    • Property and Casualty Insurance: Jeffrey Baer, Houston Cheng, Camille Minogue, and Sylvain Nolet, effective immediately.
  • CIA Education Syllabus: Mathieu Boudreault (Co-chair), Thomas Hinton (Co-chair), Bruno Gagnon, and other members to be confirmed.

Dr. Arnold Shapiro has been appointed as the accreditation actuary at the University of Manitoba, effective January 31, 2015.

The council has approved the mandate of the CIA Education Syllabus Committee: "To ensure that the Institute remains at the forefront of actuarial practice and science by developing, maintaining, and continually enhancing the CIA’s education syllabus for Associate- and Fellow-level qualification and other general educational requirements. To source, evaluate, and recommend solutions for how the requisite content should be delivered and validated."

The Task Force on Canadian Eligibility Requirements has been disbanded with thanks.

The Graduate Scholarship Program Selection Committee has been created, and the membership approved: Sheldon Lin (member, Academic Relations Committee), Gary Parker and David Scollnick (external members, full-time professors in a Canadian university), and one member of the EEC or from the Board to be confirmed.

The CIA Candidate Code of Conduct Task Force, the Task Force to review the SOA General Insurance Track Syllabus, and the Task Force on Mentoring have been disbanded with thanks.

Practice Council

The following people have been appointed to the committees named below:

  • Pension Plan Financial Reporting: Charles Lemieux and Thierry Chamberland, effective January 1, 2015; and Chun-Ming Ma, effective February 1, 2015.
  • Life Insurance Financial Reporting: Caroline Rendall, Salim Kassam, Lisa Miolo, Jean-Yves Rioux, Nathalie Cloutier, and Anandhi Sarvananthan (regulatory representative), effective January 22, 2015.
  • Actuarial Evidence: Guy Martel and Craig Allen, effective November 17, 2015.

Timothy McGorman and Martin Gélinas have resigned from the Committee on Pension Plan Financial Reporting.

The Modelling Task Force has been created with the mandate to produce an educational note to accompany the pending modelling standards. Its members are: Bob Howard (Chair), Michelle Lindo, Pierre Laurin, Mike Palmer, Simon Nelson, and Michelle John.


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