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December 2014

Member Services Council: Accomplishments and Challenges

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By Marc Tardif, FCIA

I’d like to take this opportunity to bring you up-to-speed on the work done in the Member Services Council (MSC) as well as its committees and task forces over the past six months. We keep working, in cooperation with the Head Office, to make the profession more visible to the general public and to take part in the conversation about the issues facing our society.

Supporting Your CIA

Since I know that most readers have limited time to read and often move on to another article within a few minutes or even seconds, I will start (rather than end) my report with a request to all of you to consider helping the Institute by volunteering in any of the four councils and their various committees. We are still looking for a few good members that are interested in helping us develop and promote our activities and publications to the general public and to the decision-makers.

If you want to learn more about any council, committee, or task force, go to Organization on the website, read the mandates, and check out the minutes. If you find these of interest to you, sign up on the Volunteer Applicant Registry or contact the chair or vice-chair of the volunteer group that you are interested in.

Creation of Two Committees and One Task Force

In April, the Board approved the creation of the Public Positions Committee. A very experienced group of actuaries from a broad spectrum of actuarial practice was drawn together to form this new committee led by Mike Hale. Its mandate is to identify new public positions that the CIA should develop. This committee is also charged with approving all CIA public positions.

The Task Force on Genetic Testing created a few years ago has now been transformed into a full-time committee. Its mandate is to monitor developments in the field of genetic testing and relevant legislation to assess how these could impact the working of insurance and the public at large. In doing so, it will be prepared to suggest revisions to the CIA’s Statement on Genetic Testing, which was recently updated.

A task force has been formed to gather information on techniques and approaches used in setting mortality improvement assumptions in the various areas of actuarial practice. The goal is to ensure consistency in setting and using mortality improvement scales in our various areas of practice, and to provide education to our members.

Research Committee Publications

Seeing Beyond Risk

After launching its first edition in January, this quarterly electronic publication followed with three new editions:

It presents the latest actuarial thinking from experts on some of the key issues facing Canada and Canadians. It is also designed to encourage people outside the profession to consider the benefit actuaries can bring to their organizations. Target audiences include private- and public-sector leaders and elected representatives. We encourage you to distribute the articles among your friends and colleagues!

Social Networks

The number of people who follow the CIA on Twitter has gone from a few hundred to over 1,500 after two years of activity. If you don’t already follow us, what are you waiting for?

If you have any questions or comments to make on the work of MSC, do not hesitate to contact me.

Marc Tardif, FCIA, is the Chair of the Member Services Council.


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