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September 2014

New: A Video Update on the Board's Latest Activities

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To view the video, click on the image above, or click here. Below is a transcript:

For my year as President, I have planned to produce short video updates on the progress the Institute is making on delivering its Strategic Plan and topics of interest to members that will arise over the coming year. This is a different way of communicating with you, and I believe that we all find it worthwhile.

The Board met on September 17 and covered a lot of territory.

  • We approved the funding and creation of graduate-level scholarships. These funds will promote graduate-level studies in actuarial science and will position the CIA as a promoter of actuarial research, will stimulate original research, and promote the transfer of new technology and original knowledge to the profession.
  • We had an important discussion on our Canadian education strategy, which will position the CIA as an education body within the North American and global environment. This is a topic that has been talked about on and off for over three decades, and the Board feels that we are on the brink of something very special for the Canadian actuarial profession.
  • The Board received a report from the Chair of the Climate Change and Sustainability Committee, Karen Lockridge. As with many actuarial subjects, our members do get passionate about this topic. The report was very well received and it is clear that she and her team intend to be inclusive. The Board endorsed the committee’s work to date and will ensure that a wide range of views are considered.
  • On the International Actuarial Association (IAA) front, there is an important change to announce to you. Micheline Dionne, the current Chair of the CIA’s International Relations Council, has been named to the IAA’s Executive Committee, effective January 1, 2015. I congratulate Micheline on this prestigious appointment. At the same time, we needed to find a replacement for Micheline, and I have the great honour of announcing that Dave Pelletier will be taking on the role of Chair of the IRC, effective January 1, 2015. These announcements demonstrate the strong presence the CIA members have in the international arena.
  • We worked on a value proposition for the CIA, which you will see printed in an upcoming edition of the (e)Bulletin. This document will codify what the Institute uniquely delivers to its members and will be a foundational element of future strategic initiatives in our internal and external marketing, communications, and government relations.
  • We reviewed and approved reports from councils and a progress report on delivering elements of our strategic plan.
  • We reviewed and approved a number of CIA policies that were up for revision, including new policies on copyright and waiving membership dues.
  • We discussed the numerous meetings we have held with governments, other actuarial associations, employers, and others as part of our Outreach Program. This included the meetings that the CIA has already had or has scheduled with the Privacy Commissioner, human rights commissioners, and the Senate Committee on Human Rights on sharing the results of known genetic tests with insurers. I have to thank the Member Services Council and the Task Force on Genetic Testing for their hard work on this topic over the last 18 months. Their excellent Statement on Genetic Testing and Insurance, backed up by timely and leading-edge research from Bob Howard, has delivered something logical, professional, and science-based to the CIA to contribute in discussions with political decision-makers and the media.
  • We had a lengthy session with Jacques Valotaire and Jim Christie, respectively the chairs of the Actuarial Standards Oversight Council and the Actuarial Standards Board, who delivered their annual reports to the CIA. These arm’s-length bodies are critically important to the profession and how we are perceived by regulators and governments.
  • We had an open discussion on improving our professionalism mechanisms to protect the public. Many professional organizations in Canada have implemented processes that the CIA never has, such as requiring members to declare a criminal conviction or being empowered to order a medical examination of a member in order to safeguard the public or the profession. These issues need to be addressed in the interest of public protection.

Along with these strategic issues, the Board was updated on plans to raise the profile of the profession, our progress internationally, human resource strategies and challenges, how the CIA finances are doing, and the 50th Anniversary celebrations. As we get closer to 2015, you will hear more about these, and I know you will be as excited as the Board is about this landmark year. Please plan to join us in Ottawa for a very special Annual Meeting blast next June.

If you have questions or comments about anything you have heard in this program, please don’t hesitate to send me an e-mail at

Until next time!
Jacques Tremblay, FCIA, is President of the Canadian Institute of Actuaries.


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