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March 2014

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Member Services Council

The following people have been appointed to the groups named below:

  • Task Force on Pension Funding and Transfer Values: Michael Banks, Serge Charbonneau, Ian Edelist, Conrad Ferguson, Martin Gélinas, Ghislain Nadeau, Tony Williams, Barend van Helden, and H. Clare Pitcher;
  • Task Force on Target Benefit Plans: Benoit Brière, Stephen Butterfield, Derek Gerard, Karen Hall, Yves Plourde, Phil Rivard, Barbara Sanders (Chair), and Todd Saulnier;
  • Editorial Committee: Patrick Duplessis, Brendan George, Kamran Quavi, Graham Rogers, Valerio Valenti, Jeremy Wing, and Scott McGaire, effective December 13, 2013;
  • Research Committee: Étienne Plante-Dubé, effective February 11, 2014;
  • Research Committee subcommittees (effective February 11, 2014, unless stated):
    • Annuitant Experience: Taylor Wasko, effective January 13, 2014;
    • Group Annuitant Mortality Experience: Andrew Kugler, effective January 6, 2014;
    • P&C Research: Étienne Plante-Dubé (Chair), Marc-Olivier Faulkner (Vice-chair); and
    • Individual Life Experience: Johnny Lam (Vice-chair).

The Task Force on Retirement Age has been disbanded with thanks.

The Committee on Climate Change and Sustainability has been created with the following mandate:

The purpose of the Committee on Climate Change and Sustainability is to raise awareness of climate change and environmental sustainability, and support the Canadian actuarial profession in playing a meaningful role in addressing these global challenges both in providing advice to clients and providing input on public policy. Relevant areas of interest include (but are not limited to) climate change, natural resource depletion, water and air pollution, land management, agriculture and energy.

The committee’s primary focus is on communication, dialogue, and education (as opposed to original research). Key objectives of the committee are to:

  • Keep CIA members informed of relevant developments on climate change and sustainability;
  • Promote collaborative dialogue between the CIA and other organizations on key issues;
  • Identify, evaluate, and disseminate the related implications for pricing, risk management, and other areas of actuarial practice;
  • Encourage discussion of related public policy issues and, when appropriate, draft CIA submissions;
  • Support the inclusion of climate change and sustainability in professional development programs for actuaries; and
  • Raise the profile of the profession and promote its skill-set with respect to these issues.

The revised mandate of the Committee on Group Insurance has been approved as follows:

  • Monitor and report periodically on market and public policy issues related to group insurance;
  • Act as sounding board/advisor to the CIA leadership on group insurance issues;
  • Provide a resource on group insurance to existing CIA committees and task forces:
    • As a source of volunteers on group insurance-specific topics;
    • A source of advice on the special circumstances of group insurance;
    • Provide suggestions/recommendations for action plans arising from emerging issues; and
    • Look for research opportunities; and
  • Promote involvement of group actuaries with the CIA.

For information only:

The following people have left the groups named below, with thanks from the Institute:

  • Communications Committee: Bruno Valdevit—completed his mandate effective December 13, 2013;
  • Research Committee subcommittees:
    • Annuitant Experience: Julie Chambers and Johnny Lam—stepping down;
    • P&C Research: Marc-Olivier Faulkner—completed his mandate as chair and remains as vice-chair;
    • Group Annuitant Mortality Experience: Van Bui—stepping down;
  • Op-Ed Team: Barry Gros, Kirsty Grosart, Benoît Miclette, Philippe Trahan, Gary Walters, and Fei Xie—completed their mandates;
  • Committee on Volunteer Initiatives and the New Members Committee: Marcia Gallos—completed her mandate.

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