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New Approaches to Fresh Ideas

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Many professionals can attest to the fact that after years in the same position or the same career, it can be all too easy to become stuck in a rut. Doing routine tasks or completing annual projects can become frustrating, and given today’s high-pressure work environment it may be difficult to think of fresh ideas or new approaches.

However, various solutions are online for those keen to hear about groundbreaking and creative answers to today’s problems, and possible ways of succeeding in the future.

Co.Exist aims to provide "world-changing ideas and innovation" that might open visitors’ minds to changing business practices and events shaping various industries.

An offshoot of FastCompany magazine, it includes articles on such topics as:
  • The gap between what consumers say and do about green brands;
  • Three reasons why your predictions of the future will go wrong, which looks at the animal metaphors of the dragon, the black swan, and the mule;
  • The "wearable, implantable, personalized future of medicine" and what genome sequencing and scanning devices might mean for healthcare systems;
  • Investment expert Margo Alexander’s philanthropy; and
  • The energy efficiency of Fortune 500 companies’ websites.

Conference Bites is a website designed to provide interesting thoughts from leading speakers, or, as the site says, "big ideas for short attention spans".

It gathers the highlights of events from around the world and distils them into one- or two-sentence quotes that might encourage you to think in new ways or gain fresh understanding. The quotes are categorized under such headings as Entrepreneurship and Marketing, and are added almost daily.

For example, Entrepreneurship includes these quotes from this year’s SXSW Interactive conference:

  • "While you cannot plan ahead, we are all connected. If you need it to happen, it will."
  • "The moment one definitely commits oneself, then providence moves too."
  • "You have the same relationship that the faucet has to the water . . . be generous with your ideas."

Springwise assembles what it calls "your essential fix of entrepreneurial ideas", bring together more than 4,700 innovative business techniques from various industries in an easy-to-read format.

Its extensive database involves a subscription, but recent articles can be browsed free of charge. The financial services section covers such creative ideas as the free software that allows banks to create customized tools for customers, and the online trading platform that examines Twitter to assess the market’s sentiment.

Pros: the design of each site is very clear; updates are frequent.

Cons: Springwise’s subscription can cost up to $400 U.S., although it has a free newsletter.


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