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New Website Offers Extensive Support

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Volunteers are crucial to the Institute’s continued success and future development, and the Head Office has utilized the launch of the CIA’s new website to make volunteering as easy as possible.

For the first time, the site brings together a wide range of resources to ensure that potential and current volunteers have all the necessary information at their fingertips.

The Volunteer Centre is split into three sections:
  • Getting Involved—an explanation of the benefits of being a volunteer, and how to become one.
  • Orientation Guide—a comprehensive section packed with pages on who to contact for advice, the services available for volunteers, how people are recruited, position guides, useful links, training material, and much more. It is specifically designed to assist chairs by giving them extensive advice and pointing them to further information that can make their lives easier.
  • Volunteer Recognition and Awards—details of how volunteers are recognized and the awards that they can earn through periods of service.
The Volunteer Centre has been written with both volunteers and those who manage them in mind; not only are there pages about how to join a committee, task force, or council, but there are also pages on how to work with new recruits and how to make your committee, etc., as efficient as possible.

Volunteering for a busy task force, for example, can be a daunting prospect, so the centre has information on the help available from both the CIA as a whole and volunteer coordinator Carmelina Santamaria in particular.

It also includes a series of pages to assist those who are in charge of volunteers—whether they are chairing a committee or simply trying to hold a productive meeting—such as:
  • The Volunteer Recruitment and Appointment Process;
  • Harnessing the Best and Keeping the Best;
  • When Conflict Arises;
  • Thank-You Letter Templates; and
  • Guides to the roles of committee, task force, and council chairs, vice-chairs, and members.
Mrs. Santamaria said: "Without the hard work and dedication of our hundreds of volunteers of all practice areas and all levels of experience, the CIA would cease to function as an effective body in the actuarial profession.

"We know how difficult it can be in today’s business world to find the time to spare for volunteering, and we appreciate that it can be hard to join your first committee or deal with a group of volunteers from different backgrounds and with differing viewpoints. So we have made every effort to make sure that the new website’s Volunteer Centre is clear and concise while still including a great deal of information for those who have never volunteered for any part of the CIA’s structure, those who have served on numerous committees, and those who are chairing a council.

"Last week National Volunteer Week highlighted the value of volunteers to all kinds of organizations. We believe the size of the new Volunteer Centre is a suitable reflection of volunteers’ importance to the CIA."

Address: http://www.cia-ica.ca/members/organization/volunteer-centre

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