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Launch Date Nears for New Website

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CIA Head Office staff are closing in on the launch of the Institute’s new website, and members might be interested in the new information and tools that they will be experiencing shortly. Feedback from test groups has been very good, final tweaks and adjustments are being made daily, and documents are continuously being uploaded.

What’s new about the site?
  • Look and feel
Aside from the familiar CIA blue, the site looks completely different. Sections have been restructured, menus have been reorganized, and information is far easier to find.

Virtually everything is now open to the public, aside from detailed information on committees, councils, and task forces, the full membership directory, and the tools for members to make changes to their personal data. Almost all CIA documents are searchable and available on the public website.
  • Address
The address for the new site will be revealed on launch day, but rest assured that it is an efficient address that gives us a chance to start afresh. You may want to share it with those in your firm who use the current site but are not CIA members.

This also means that e-mail addresses for all CIA Head office staff have changed, and details of the new addresses will be announced when the website launches. For the next few months, those who use the old addresses will be forwarded automatically to the new ones.

You will be able to log in to the site using your current CIA website username and password. All existing user accounts have been migrated to the new site.
  • Publications search tool
All CIA publications will now be stored in a content management system (database), which is fully searchable (including, for the first time, the content of the documents). Check out Publications>>Search Publications to find any document posted on the site, or check out the other pages in the Publications section, where different publication types are already displayed without any need for searches (e.g., Bylaws, reports, policies).

A significant portion of the CIA publications that were posted on the old site are already available on the new site, and the uploading process will continue for many more weeks. Hundreds of documents that were created before the Institute went digital have been scanned and will be added to the database over time. The content of these documents cannot be searched, but title, publication date, author information and a number of key words will be in the database, and this will help members track them down.

When you click on the title of a document, you will view the document’s properties and details, which include in many cases its related documents and also previous versions of the document. If the properties show you that you have found the right document, you can click again to download it. The previous version details are particularly helpful as an archive tool for documents such as Bylaws and Rules of Professional Conduct.
  • Standards of Practice
Standards are displayed in a new format, which also links to past versions of each part of the Standards (archives). Of course, they are available in total and by practice area. Check out Publications>>Standards of Practice. (Note that the Standards page will also be integrated into the Actuarial Standards Board and Actuarial Standards Oversight Council websites, prior to launch.)
  • Guidance material
Guidance material is available by practice area and type (Educational Notes, Research Papers, Reports and Memoranda), is sortable by Publication Date, Title, or Accession Number, and is displayed in a much more user-friendly format. Check out Publications>>Guidance Material.
  • Research
A new Research section has been added, which will provide members with information regarding current and past CIA research projects and requests for proposals that are currently underway. A discussion listserver will foster dialogue among individuals who have an interest in the CIA’s research activities. Through regular communication, there should be a better understanding of the CIA’s research. It is also planned that this forum will generate additional suggestions for research activities and also allow members to comment on other members’ ideas, which will assist the Research Committee in prioritizing its projects.
  • e-Commerce
In the past, registering and paying for CIA events and services was awkward, involving a number of steps for members and even more for Head Office staff. An e-commerce system has been integrated into the new website, streamlining the process.
  • News service
This service is now available on the public and members home pages.
  • Members only
A fully integrated Members Site has been developed that restricts access to certain content. The Members menu only appears once you’ve logged in to the site. Most of the tools that were available to members under Toolkit on the old site are now found under My Profile on the Members menu.
  • Other new information
  • We have created a page that shows the Most Viewed Publications on the site, and another showing the Most Recent Publications posted to the site. Both of these pages are accessible in the Publications section, and also in Quick Links. It will obviously take a little while before they become useful tools, particularly the Most Viewed. But over time they will provide interesting information.
  • A new Volunteer Centre has been developed that will provide all CIA volunteers, and those members looking to volunteer, with helpful orientation and training material that will improve their volunteer experience.
There are two things to keep in mind as you explore the site:
  • We are working on it daily, mainly uploading archived content but also, at times, implementing new functionality. You may occasionally experience some slow-downs if a major update is being performed. Please be patient, wait a few minutes, and try again.
  • Some of the tools from the current CIA site have been integrated in their current form into the new site as part of Phase 1 of the website redevelopment. You will undoubtedly recognize the layout of the CPD Tracking Tool and the Member Directory Search Tool, for example. Some of these are already being reviewed and redeveloped for the new site (e.g., CPD Tracking Tool, Hire an Actuary). However, the redevelopments will not be completed prior to the launch, and will be integrated as part of Phase 2.

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