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Deadline Approaching for Election Candidates

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As announced in last month's (e)Bulletin, elections will soon take place for four Director positions (three-year terms), the Secretary-Treasurer (two-year term), and the President-elect (one-year term, three-year commitment). Any member who wishes to run for one of these positions, and who meets the requirements below, will have their name appear on the ballot. The Elections Committee is also actively identifying and encouraging potential candidates to run.

Note: the deadline for submitting candidatures is April 2.

Joining the Board brings with it the satisfaction of contributing to the profession, a boost to your professional standing, reputation, and career prospects, exposure to every aspect of actuarial work, and the opportunity to collaborate and network with CIA members and others.

If you are interested in nominating an individual or submitting your own name for this year’s ballot, please do so before April 2 by contacting Shirley Ann Mahon at the CIA Head Office.

Getting on the Ballot

All candidates must be a Fellow of the Canadian Institute of Actuaries in good standing as per CIA Bylaw 11.02 (1) and must submit the following to the Head Office:
  • Signatures or e-mail confirmation, subject to validation by the Elections Committee of at least 15 Members indicating support for their candidacy;
  • A 500-word (maximum) position statement; and
  • Requested biographical information, including a photo, as well as past CIA volunteer service (which is verified for accuracy in the CIA database). The information and photos will be posted to the website.
The Head Office confirms that the candidate is a member who is eligible for election and coordinates with the candidate to obtain and translate his or her documentation, which is then sent back to the candidate for a final review.

The Campaign

The Campaign Period normally runs two weeks prior to the beginning of the voting period. Candidates are asked to answer questions from the membership, via an electronic discussion forum. The launch of the campaign period is signalled by the posting of the names and information (i.e., biography, photograph, and position statement) regarding all candidates to the CIA website, along with an announcement sent via the Announcements e-mail listserver. All candidates are encouraged to use the discussion forum to its full advantage, allowing the electorate to get to know them, and promoting communication and debate on the issues that are important to members.

The Vote

The voting period begins at the end of April.

When the time comes please vote!


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