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Tweets to Keep You Up to Date

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Social networking is playing an increasingly important world in today's business world, with LinkedIn bringing professionals and organizations together and Facebook offering another avenue for raising profiles. But for keeping abreast of news and updates, one website reigns supreme: Twitter.

More and more people, companies, and institutions involved in the actuarial profession are turning to Twitter to publicize their activities and opinions. For those CIA members who are new to this rapidly-changing world, here is a brief guide to some of the tweeters worth following.

Actuarial associations

@CIA_Actuaries and @ICA_Actuaires
The Institute's tweets cover such subjects as forthcoming events, members who are featured in the media, relevant articles worth reading, and much more. Our two accounts already have almost 400 followers. Why not join them?
Actuarial Profession
(the UK Institute and Faculty of Actuaries)
It may tweet less frequently than similar organizations, but the Profession does highlight interesting videos, papers, and more.
American Academy of Actuaries
More than 1,500 people follow the academy's tweets on its members and topics affecting actuaries in America and elsewhere.
Casualty Actuarial Society
The society tweets fairly regularly about its events and documents, and highlights its members' achievements.
Conference of Consulting Actuaries
The CCA offers updates about its forthcoming events and more.
Society of Actuaries
The society has tweeted almost 900 times, and tweets several times a day on its activities or other issues of interest to actuaries.

Industry organizations and insurance news

Actuarial Post
Describing itself as the only digital magazine for the actuarial community, it has tweeted almost 3,000 times.
Advisor Group
The group, which bills itself as the leading source of news about the insurance industry for investment advisors, has more than 2,000 followers.
Canadian Underwriter
Canada's insurance and risk magazine is highly prolific online.
Catastrophe Modeling
This account offers news on catastrophe modelling and trends, plus updates on hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis, and other risks.
Financial Services Commission of Ontario
The commission regularly publicizes relevant papers and articles on important issues and retweets useful messages.
Insurance Biz Daily
More than 7,700 tweets can attest to this organization's ability to stay on top of insurance industry news.
Insurance Bureau of Canada
The highly-prolific bureau tweets numerous times every day, demystifying insurance issues and promoting the insurance profession.
Insurance Insider
The Insider promises that its followers will "find out first what is happening in the North American, London, and international (re)insurance markets".
Insurance Report
More than 4,500 followers enjoy frequently-updated tweets about the global insurance industry.
Jethro Peterson
Jethro constantly updates 2,700-plus followers on breaking news affecting insurers.
Report on Business
The business section of the Globe and Mail tweets dozens of times a day.


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