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Board and Council Updates

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The memberships of the councils, committee, and panel named below have been approved as follows, effective July 1, 2012:
  • Member Services Council—Marc-André Melançon (Chair), Claire Bilodeau, Julie Chambers, Sylvie Charest, John Dark, Marcia Gallos, Frank Grossman, Marcus Robertson, Catherine Shum-Adams (Vice-chair);
  • Eligibility and Education Council—Jason Vary (Chair), Stephen Bonnar, Mathieu Boudreault, Trevor Cartlidge, Alana Farrell, Angelita Graham (Vice-chair), Lynn Grenier-Lew, John Have, Thomas Hinton, Rémi Villeneuve, Anne Vincent, and Simon Curtis (ex officio);
  • Committee on Professional Conduct—Wayne Berney (Chair), François Boulanger, Douglas Brooks, Stephen Butterfield, Dave Dickson, Luc Dionne, Jim Christie (ex officio), Stephen Eadie, Luc Farmer, Ian Karp, Danielle Lamarche, Maryse Larouche, Claude Lockhead, Bonnie Lysyk, Liam McFarlane (Vice-chair) and Jim Murta;
  • Tribunal Panel—Martin J. K. Brown, David Congram, Gilles Dufresne, Brian FitzGerald, Neville Henderson, Christopher Moore, Daniel E. Murphy, J. Edward Nixon (Chair), James G. Paterson, Philip J. Pothier, Allan H. Shapira, David A. Short, William Solomon, Monique Tremblay and Nancy A. Yake;
  • Practice Council—Phil Rivard (Chair), Alan Exley, Pierre Dionne, Bruce Langstroth (Vice-chair), Richard Larouche, Dale Mathews, Hélène Pouliot and Les Rehbeli.
The Task Force on Associateship Implementation has been disbanded, with thanks from the Board.

The Board has approved the appointment of:
  • David Congram, Micheline Dionne (Chair), Jim Doherty (Vice-chair), Jacqueline Friedland, Mike Hale, Bob McKay, Geoffrey Melbourne, Denis Plouffe, Chris Townsend, Jacques Tremblay, and Stan Warawa as members of the Committee on International Relations, effective immediately;
  • Kathleen Thompson as a member of the Risk Management Committee, effective July 1, 2012;
  • Katie Suljak to the Finance Committee, effective July 1, 2012; and
  • Elizabeth Boulanger to the 2012 Committee on Elections, retroactive to February 7, 2012.
The Board has approved the composition of the CIA’s 50th Anniversary Task Force, effective immediately, as follows: Jacques Lafrance (Chair), Lynn Grenier-Lew (EEC representative), Claire Bilodeau (MSC representative), Les Rehbeli (PC representative), Nicholas Bauer, Richard Bisson, John Have, Martin Roy, and Gary Walters.

Rob Stapleford and Jean-Yves Rioux have been appointed to the Member Services Council, Michel St-Germain and Joe Nunes to the Practice Council, Sharon Giffen to the Eligibility and Education Council, and Jacqueline Friedland to the Committee on International Relations, effective July 1, 2012.

Member Services Council (MSC)

The people named below have been appointed to the following subcommittees of the Research Committee, effective immediately:
  • Group Life and Health Experience—François Cloutier, Erin Crump, Élise Desrosiers, Alain Dagneault, and Debra Shelley;
  • Individual Life Experience—Scott Spencer and Mark Andrews;
  • Segregated Fund Experience—André Veilleux (at Industrial Alliance);
  • Individual Living Benefits Experience—Charles Philbrook, Debra Shelley, Dominic Hains, Martin Vézina, Alethea Lyn, and Geoffrey Macdonell; and
  • Pension Experience—Hrvoje Lakota, Paul Burnell, Catherine Robertson, Assia Billig, Scott McManus, and Gavin Benjamin.
The MSC has approve the following mandate of the Editorial Committee, presented in the CIA Editorial Committee Modus Operandi Review and Proposal Document created by Peter Snyder for the MSC meeting on May 29, 2012: "The Editorial Committee is responsible for determining, carrying out and regularly reviewing a process that will generate published versions of sessions that are satisfactory to the membership and respectful of the needs and reputation of the actuarial profession."

The MSC has also approved the creation of the Task Force on Retirement Age with the following mandate: "The Task Force on Retirement Age will prepare background information in order to assist the CIA in taking a position on this issue. Such CIA position may be limited to a view on how the issue should be presented and what are the consequences of raising retirement age." The task force comprises: Rob Brown (Chair), Assia Billig, Claire Bilodeau, Malcolm Hamilton, Denis Latulippe, Warren McGillivray, and Dave McLellan.

For Information Only:

Those named below have completed their terms as members of the following committees or subcommittees, and leave with the (sub)committees’ thanks:
  • Committee on Volunteer Initiatives—Marisa Chan, effective April 27, 2012;
  • Group Life and Health Experience Subcommittee of the Research Committee—Joel Cornberg, Réjean Dion, Nathalie Laporte, Cindy Lau, Stéphane Levert, and Wayne Morris, effective immediately;
  • Segregated Fund Experience Subcommittee of the Research Committee—Jason Daigle, effective immediately; and
  • Individual Living Benefits Experience Subcommittee of the Research Committee—Saul Gercowsky, Cathy Shum-Adams and Scott Spencer, effective immediately.

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