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Member Listening Group—It’s Launch Day!

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As members read in the last (e)Bulletin, the Board asked the Member Services Council (MSC) to create a representative survey group for the CIA. The Communications Committee took the lead on the work and as you read, the planning was well under way last month.

As the saying goes, this month we will add some meat to the bones, with more details about what is expected of the MLG, how members can be involved, what volunteers can expect in terms of workload and recognition, and more information about terms of service.


1. The MLG is expected to deliver its opinions and thinking on topics of importance to the CIA Board, Secretariat, councils, and committees through the timely completion (within 24 hours of survey distribution) of short online surveys.

2. Many of the topics that the MLG will be queried about could be controversial or in early stages of development, and not ready for exposure to the full membership. The expectation is that MLG members will keep the content and subject matter of the surveys absolutely confidential.

3. The identity of MLG members will be kept confidential. They will be grouped by categories such as geographic location, membership category and practice area.

4. It is expected that the annual time commitment for the MLG will be 10 hours or less.

5. MLG members will be considered to be serving on a committee in order to accumulate volunteer terms of service.

6. As members sign up to become part of the MLG, the first 50 percent of volunteers for a particular category will be assigned a two-year term and the remaining 50 percent a one-year term. Future members will all be given a standard two-year term. This initial sign-up design serves a couple of purposes:
  • It creates an incentive for signing up early (two-year term vs. one-year term); and
  • It allows a natural annual churn of 50 percent of the members and their opinions for the CIA.
7. The CIA’s Education and Professional Development Department will be responsible for programming and distributing the surveys. In addition, department staff will ensure that all survey data generated by the MLG will be edited to remove any information that could lead to the identification of individual respondents, before the data is shared with the body which ordered the survey.

8. The Communications Committee will oversee the development of the MLG, the integration of the MLG into the CIA environment, and communicating the availability of this exciting new resource to all council, committee, and task force chairs. In addition, the Communications Committee will consult on questionnaire design.

9. All surveys will be conducted in English and French.

10. All Board, council, committee, and task force members are eligible to volunteer for the MLG.

Next Steps

Today, May 31, is launch day for the MLG! Members who are interested in joining this new communications facility can do so easily by simply clicking on the link below and answering a few questions which will help us place them in appropriate categories to ensure that the MLG is truly a representative pool of members.

Over the course of the summer, the Communications Committee will be analyzing the MLG’s composition and recruiting in specific groups to ensure that any major demographic gaps are filled. As soon as these issues are ironed out, the first survey will be distributed.

The MLG represents a real opportunity to have your opinion heard on issues of vital importance to the profession. We encourage you to take the plunge, click on the link, and sign up today.

Click here to apply.


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