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Member Listening Group

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A section of a typical online poll.

In November the CIA Board asked the Communications Committee, through the Member Services Council (MSC), to look into the possibility of creating a member listening group (MLG).

It would be similar to the Member Advisory Panel (MA
 P) created by t he Casualty Actuarial Society (CAS) several years ago. The MAP i s an on-call survey team composed of more than 100 volunteers who are polled regu larly on a v ariety of  issues of importance to the CAS Board and various committees.

After reviewing information on this type of group and meeting twice with Mike Boa, the CAS director of communications and marketing, the Communications Committee has recommended that the MSC create a similar team in Canada.

The MLG would consist of a representative group of between 100 and 150 CIA members who would volunteer on a confidential basis to be consulted on a variety of issues by the CIA Board, Secretariat, councils, committees or task forces.

Communications Committee Chair Stephen Cheng explained: "The committee will oversee the administration of the MLG, from recruiting members and maintaining a consistent member profile to consulting with CIA groups looking to survey the MLG.

"Part of our role will be to communicate with other parts of the Institute to inform them to the existence of the MLG and to encourage its use as a resource for their work. We will also touch base with the CIA membership to inform them of the creation of the MLG, to create awareness of its role for the Institute, and to foster the development of the MLG as a voice of the membership."

At its meeting in March, the MSC approved the plan to create the MLG, and adopted changes to the mandate of the Communications Committee to accommodate this new responsibility.

The plan for the next few months is to:
  1. Create the online sign-up facility for members to use to register for the MLG;
  2. Integrate this new process into the CIA environment; and
  3. Communicate the availability of this exciting new resource to all council, committee and task force chairs.
More detailed information will be made available to members in the next issue of the (e)Bulletin.


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