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Tools Offer a Kit for Success

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The complexities of modern business life can be difficult and time-consuming to overcome. Every day, the office throws up new challenges concerning time management, leadership, problem solving and more.

Some people sign up for courses to learn how to tackle these situations and work better. But every year millions of others turn instead to the advice from Mind Tools.

Launched in 1996 as a free skills training site, Mind Tools now offers a "toolkit" totaling 600 "mind tools" (some of which are available only to members, who pay a monthly fee of up to $27 USD). The kit covers such categories as:
Within each category are various resources designed to support everyone from managers who want to get ahead by learning new techniques to young professionals eager to gain the skills that might make them a candidate for promotion. Those searching in the Time Management category, for instance, will discover a quiz to help them target the techniques that will help them most; information on prioritization tools like paired comparison analysis and the action priority matrix; and a description of the five golden rules of goal setting.

The free and paid-for (members-only) lessons are clearly indicated, and offer both high-level and practical advice. Visitors willing to pay for more intensive training can obtain in-depth courses; join the Career Café to learn from fellow members; participate in 80-plus coach-led discussions on personal development; 70 expert interviews; podcasts; and 60-plus one-hour courses.

Those in management roles can also enlist their company in a corporate section, which gives them access to 1,000 resources, customized training, activity reports and more.

So far, the training has gained many followers: Mind Tools says its site is visited by 15 million people a year, and its regular electronic newsletter now reaches more than 300,000 subscribers.

The organization believes its lessons, when used together, "can help you become exceptionally effective, be a great manager and leader, be more successful in your career—and even become happier at work".

Pros: the variety of advice available; the clarity of writing.

Con: the repeated promotions for the paid-for sections or other sign-up resources.

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