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Follow the CIA on Twitter

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In today's ever-changing world of business, staying up to date with key developments is essential for success. With that in mind, the CIA has introduced an extra way of keeping members informed.

Actuaries and the public can now follow the Institute on Twitter, at @CIA_Actuaries.

Twitter is an information network that launched in 2006. It now has over 100,000,000 active users. This group accounts for some 250,000,000 tweets each day. You choose who to follow, and others will follow you. Lady Gaga has the most Twitter followers with 20,804,731. President Obama has 13,030,020 and Stephen Harper has 206,416.

Tweets will be sent to:
  • Highlight forthcoming events, speakers, and sessions, as they are arranged;
  • Publicize new papers, submissions, and public positions;
  • Reveal decisions and other events affecting actuaries; and
  • Pass on relevant or important information from other organizations.
Twitter buttons on the CIA's public website and Members Site allow anybody to follow the CIA's English or French accounts, and we encourage all members to click on the appropriate button here or directly at our Twitter page.

Combined with our announcements, listservers and the monthly (e)Bulletin, Twitter enables the Institute to ensure that all its members, and the wider population, can remain fully abreast of all its activities as they occur. It will also be a powerful tool for all those who attend CIA events, such as the Annual Meeting in Toronto from June 21–22, as they will be able to learn instantly about schedule and room changes, imminent sessions, and more, all in real time.

As with all social networking tools, its effectiveness is dependent on its visibility, so please feel free to retweet any posts you feel would be of interest to your Twitter followers, and highlight the CIA's internet presence.

By doing so, you help ensure that the work of the CIA and its members can reach the widest possible audience, constantly raising the profile of the Canadian actuarial profession.


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