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Be a Candidate!

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  It’s that time of year again: the CIA Elections Committee is working hard on the 2012 Elections. This year elections are required for four Director positions (three-year terms) and the President-elect (one-year term, three-year commitment). Any member who wishes to run for office as a Director or as President-elect, and who meets the nomination requirements set out in the CIA Elections Rules of Procedure, will have their name appear on the ballot.

The Elections Committee is also actively identifying and encouraging potential candidates to run. It encourages proportional representation on the Board by region and practice area, and is highlighting a particular need for Directors with expertise in life insurance, actuarial evidence, enterprise risk management (ERM), or investments.

If you are interested in nominating an individual or submitting your own name for this year’s ballot, please contact Lynn Blackburn at the Secretariat prior to March 30, 2012, for the necessary forms. Further information regarding the nomination requirements can be found in the Elections Committee’s approved Rules of Procedure.

This is your opportunity to serve and support your profession!

Please note that, pursuant to the Member Services Council’s decision last year to discontinue the distribution of paper publications, voting in this year’s elections, as well as in future elections, will only be available electronically.

Lynn Blackburn, director, member services and standards development, at 613-236-8196 ext. 117 or lynn.blackburn@actuaries.ca

or any of the Elections Committee:
Larry Miller, Chair, at 306-585-4342 or miller@math.uregina.ca
Elizabeth Boulanger at 514-985-5269 or eboulanger@rgare.ca
Brian Burnell at 902-491-4278 or brian_burnell@hotmail.com
Claudette Cantin at 416-359-2109 or ccantin@mroc.com
Yves Girouard at 514-673-4725 or yvesg@dion-durrell.com
Jean-François Poitras at 418-838-7800 ext. 3352 or jean-francois.poitras@dsf.ca
Heike Reck at 416-868-7560 or heike.reck@mercer.com
Dennis Schettler at 416-988-1429 or djschettler@rogers.com
Kathleen Thompson at 613-548-1890 ext. 3914 or kathy.thompson@empire.ca
Kevin Vantil at kevin.vantil@towerswatson.com

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