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Site May Be the Answer

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The internet is an excellent source of free information, but its sheer size can be a problem; according to one survey, as of January 2012 there are more than 582 million sites on the web, and even by 2008 there were over 1 trillion unique webpages.

In such a maze of sites, finding exactly what you need to know can be difficult. But fortunately there is a  site specifically designed to make knowledge computable and accessible.

Wolfram|Alpha has been used by some actuaries for the last few years, but is rapidly increasing in popularity thanks to the success of programming that allows it to offer "definitive answers to factual queries".

The site, which makes clear that it is a computational knowledge engine and not a search engine, has a strong mathematical section (called a "pod") which allows the user to complete such tasks as calculating a derivative, computing a prime factorization and analyzing a graph specified by adjacency rules.

Its Statistics and Data Analysis pod covers such topics as Poisson distribution, regression analysis and probability, while the site also offers information on subjects like computational sciences and socioeconomics. If you need to rapidly discover Canada's birth rate fraction, or the mean dividend yield of 12 insurance companies, this site has that data and more.

Wolfram|Alpha says it aims to bring "high-level knowledge and capabilities to the broadest possible range of people", generating powerful results and presenting them with maximum clarity. For those who want to access particularly specialized information, a paid-for "pro" version of the site allows visitors to enter images, tabular data and symbols as queries to the knowledge engine, and receive longer computations and other benefits.

But for many people, the basic site will be enough. Rather than the general results of search engines, Wolfram|Alpha aims to provide exact, detailed answers to even the most complex question, whether you need to analyze a substitution system, find representations for a function, or know at what time the sun set in Toronto today.

Pros: the quality of scientific data available, and the clear presentation.
Cons: its emphasis on areas where knowledge is more readily quantitative.

Address: www.wolframalpha.com

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