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A World of Travel Information at your Fingertips

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Even in this age of video and telephone conferences, webcasts and instant communication, there is still the occasional need for face-to-face meetings. In a typical year, many actuaries can find themselves travelling across Canada or further afield for numerous seminars, presentations and other events that have to be attended in person.

Fortunately, the web is full of advice for those heading for what can be a very distant destination. One of the more comprehensive sites is, which offers information-packed PDFs on 400-plus cities in up to 22 languages.

The free, downloadable files are written either by a city's official tourist organization or experienced travel journalists, and contain detailed articles alongside pictures on every page and informative maps. The guide to New York, for example, features advice about the city itself, key tourist attractions like Times Square, plus where to go if you want to shop, eat or sleep, along with essential information about the city's three airports, transport and more.

The site, which funds the booklets via advertising, says they are designed to provide honest reviews and constantly-updated information, and they have proved a hit with airlines, hotels, travel groups and media companies, who link to the site.

Formed in 2005 and based in Sweden, ArrivalGuides is partnered with over 140 leading travel brands, and its guides are read by more than 14 million travellers per year.

The information within the PDFs is also included on the site, which benefits from interactive features like maps, comment sections and a currency converter. There is also a free iPad/iPhone app, with in-app city guides costing $0.99 each.

Pros: the range of cities catered for is extensive - besides the key business and vacation hubs, travellers can learn about such less-visited destinations as Birmingham (UK), Krakow (Poland) and Olbia (Italy).

Cons: not all guides are available in every one of the languages used on the site; many large U.S. cities, for example, are covered only in English or Swedish.


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