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Successful Look at Canada's Businesses

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With the slogan "Your success is our business", the website of  Canadian Business says it is designed to cater for business leaders, entrepreneurs and investors.

The online home of the magazine of the same name, it offers a broad spread of content, including:
  • Financial news and market updates;
  • Blogs and analysis from business experts; 
  • Technology reports;
  • Investment advice; and
  • Lifestyle articles.
Topics under discussion range from the impact of a famous person's death on their company's earnings (pictured) and a profile of the Governor of the Bank of Canada to boosting your self-confidence in the office and different ways men and women are perceived in the workplace .

Recent actuary-related topics collated on the site from numerous sources include:
Fully immersed in social media, Canadian Business also provides live market updates, polls, Twitter feeds and an e-newsletter, along with familiar topics like the Rich 100 (currently topped by the Thomson family) and the Investor 500.

For business professionals seeking inspiration, Canadian Success Stories highlights interesting or unusual practices that paid off for some companies, including the lingerie company that opened in the Middle East and a ceramic company whose forethought regarding the fluctuating loonie paid off in the U.S.

Backed by the powerful Rogers empire, the site is part of the "Canadian Business Network" and is also able to offer plentiful video and audio content, including podcasts on such topics as the Canada Investment Act, galleries of successful advertising and logos, and video question-and-answer sessions with such successful executives as the president and CEO of Canada Goose, the founder of Aldo Shoes and the head of food distributor George Weston.

Pros: the healthy variety of business sectors covered in depth; the number of links to other useful sites.
Cons: the number of fonts, sizes and colours can make some pages difficult to read.


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