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You know you are not alone when you visit
Business Insider; in fact, a real-time graphic (below) shows you exactly how many people are browsing each second. And given the amount of material on the site, it is little wonder that thousands of people visit every day.

Run by H
enry Blodget, once ranked as the No. 1 internet and e-commerce analyst on Wall Street, Business Insider has been named one of the world's top financial blogs due to the variety of material on offer. Besides the expected spread of frequently-updated business news, the site also scores hits due to its entertainment, sport and lifestyle headlines.

A large number of experienced experts and analysts contribute to the business section, with a day's articles including a look at the future of Google, the changing fortunes of hedge funds, the impact of a Costco contract dispute, and the twentysomething "idiots" earning $500,000.

The site sets itself apart from its competitors with a number of in-depth sections such as War Room (strategy), which has covered such topics as polygraph testing in the workplace, lessons learned by those who survived the Great Depression, the honesty of tele-commuters versus office-based staff, how to be upgraded to first class for free, and the wackiest things people have listed on their résumé (including the job candidate who said he had been arrested for assaulting his previous boss).

Other useful sections for financial professionals include:

  • Data Center, which compiles hundreds of charts and other pieces of corporate, government and economic information;
  • Travel, offering such advice as which are the best headphones for travelling, where to see the best views of Las Vegas, and reviews of the world's best hotels;
  • Blackboard, a directory of key companies and people; and
  • Jobs, featuring postings from across North America and around the world.
Pros: the variety of news on offer; interesting presentation.
the site aggregates stories from elsewhere; pages can be crowded.


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