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Federal Election Questionnaire

The Institute has been involved in the last two federal elections by asking the main political parties questions of interest to the profession, and sharing their replies with members. We have done so again, and the responses from the parties will be posted on the Members Site as they are received.

Link: Check the Members Site for the latest responses.

Contact with Questions: Les Dandridge, director, communications and public affairs, at

Research Paper: Funding of Public Personal Injury Compensation Plans

This research paper is intended to provide information to assist actuaries who work on the development, review and modification of funding policies for public personal injury compensation plans. It contains a summary of the approaches to funding currently used by these plans as well as some guiding principles applied in their development.

To read the research paper, please click on the link below.


Contact with Questions: Thane Gordon MacKay, member, Committee on Workers’ Compensation, at

CIA Secretariat Moving

At the end of May, the Secretariat is moving its office to a new location at Constitution Square, Ottawa.

Our telephone number, extensions and fax number will not change.

The new address is:

Canadian Institute of Actuaries
360 Albert Street, Suite 1740
Ottawa, Ontario
K1R 7X7.

Contact with Questions: Jacques Leduc, director, operations, finance and administration, at

Notice of Annual Dues for 2011–12

Spring is in the air and it is a time of renewal, including the renewal of your CIA membership! You will be receiving your Annual Dues invoice for 2011–12 electronically in the weeks to come.

At its meeting on March 23, 2011, the Board of Directors approved the following fee structure for the coming 2011–12 year:
Fellows: $1,170
Associates > 10 years: $810
Associates, Affiliates, Correspondents: $590.

This year’s modest increase in fees will ensure members continue to receive a high level of service from the CIA and help deliver the six areas of focus in its Strategic Plan (adopted November 2009).

  • Due to significant changes in the profession and the environment, both in Canada and abroad, it is evident that the provision of professional guidance and professional development remains critical to ensuring a continued high degree of competency among actuaries. The CIA will continue to offer its speciality seminars with the addition of an Investment Seminar in the fall, as well as its Annual Meeting in June. These opportunities feature top-quality Canadian content. The Institute will also be offering more webcasts this year than last, featuring industry experts who will share their expertise on a variety of topics. This, and the promotion and dissemination of relevant research, will therefore continue to be strategic areas of focus for the CIA over the next year.
  • The CIA must also continue to focus on promoting the actuarial profession. Stronger outreach to students and employers will enable the Institute to positively promote the profession and raise the awareness of the high-quality analysis and advice our profession delivers to the public. The CIA has been discussing the potential for a university accreditation system for many years. In 2010, the Board decided to move ahead with a Canadian program. The Accreditation Committee is working hard to ensure the accreditation and review processes are robust to ensure acceptance of the program by its education partners. Implementation is now set for September 2012, but with the list of universities to be accredited finalized by October 31, 2011.
  • In 2010, a special task force looked at the value proposition for Associate members. The task force made a number of recommendations to the EEC and CIA Board based on bringing the requirements for an Associate of the CIA in line with the requirements for Associates of the SOA and CAS. In addition, the CIA Board also approved the adoption of an ACIA designation and other benefits for Associates. The Institute will be working on communicating these changes to the membership between April and June. A vote will take place on the bylaw changes at the June Annual Meeting. Any changes to the requirements for Associates would be effective June 1, 2012.
  • The CIA must continue its efforts to both raise the profile of the profession and influence public policy decisions through the provision of advice to decision-makers. By making its expertise available, the Institute will serve the public interest and demonstrate the profession’s potential contribution to matters of critical importance to Canadians.
  • In the context of globalization, International Financial Reporting Standards continue to evolve. Canadian actuarial standards of practice and Canada’s regulatory system are positively recognized worldwide. The Canadian actuarial profession has much to contribute and therefore the CIA members will take appropriate means over the next four years to positively influence the development of international actuarial standards of practice.
  • Finally, the CIA will only be successful if it is capable of effectively responding to these challenges. Its activities and programs are only made possible through the work of hundreds of dedicated volunteers and a small number of staff. The Institute must take appropriate measures to maximize the effectiveness of volunteer participation and to enhance the Secretariat’s capacity to support this critical volunteer leadership while avoiding over-burdening the volunteers.

These six areas of focus are critical to the sustainability of the profession. It is our belief the Strategic Plan will position the FCIA designation as a designation of choice in the future and will ensure the profession is poised to meet the challenges ahead.

Yours truly,

Martin Roy

Contact with Questions: Jacques Leduc, director, operations, finance and administration, at

Enhancements to Associate Status in the Institute

The CIA Board of Directors and the Task Force on Associateship Implementation are seeking input from the membership on important changes that will affect Associate enrolment in the Institute.

Some of these changes will require adjustments to the CIA Bylaws and a membership vote by advance proxy voting over several weeks in June 2011, and by in-person voting on June 29, 2011 at the General Business Session of the 2011 Annual Meeting in Ottawa.

This memo is intended as a briefing on the bylaw changes under consideration. Formal communication of the proposed bylaw changes will commence towards the end of May. We hope all members will take advantage of the opportunity to review the materials accompanying this memo, and encourage you to provide feedback by May 6, 2011 to

Memo to Members: Enhancing the Value of Associate Status in the Institute

Memo from EEC to Board: Recommendations to Enhance Associate Status in the Institute

Report: Task Force to Enhance the Value Proposition of Associate Status in the Institute

Contact with Questions: Alicia Rollo, CHRP, director, education and professional development;

Revised Rules of Professional Conduct

The CIA Rules of Professional Conduct have been revised to reflect the changes that were confirmed by members at the General Meeting held in Ottawa on March 10, 2011.


Contact with Questions: Michel Simard, Executive Director, at

Report on Canadian Economic Statistics 1924–2010 – Final Release

The final version of the Report on Canadian Economic Statistics 1924–2010 is available on the CIA website.

This document is only available to CIA members. It can be found in the Members Site on the webpage of the Committee on Investment Practice (Organization>>Committees and Task Forces>>Committee on Investment Practice>> Reports and Documents).

Link: Note: this link takes you to the final version. An earlier published version contained an error.

Contact with Questions: Jonathan Hede, Chair, Committee on Investment Practice, at
Tony Williams, Vice-chair, Committee on Investment Practice, at

360 Albert Street, Suite 1740, Ottawa, ON K1R 7X7
Tel.: 613.236.8196 Fax: 613.233.4552