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Words to the Wise

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As anybody who has had anything to do with actuarial science will know, it is a profession full of technical terms. To the outsider, listening to a conversation between two or more actuaries can be a bewildering experience thanks to such terms as accumulation factor with benefit of survival, DCAT, implicit crash value, long-tail liability and many more. Perfectly logical to those in the profession, they can mean little to those not in the know.

So it is no surprise that occasionally non-actuaries make errors when attempting to transcribe such terminology. Several such mistakes were uncovered by retired actuary Mark Campbell, who recently posted the following to the CIA’s General Listserver:

I have had occasion to review raw transcripts, freshly produced before editing, of a court case involving actuarial matters. The court recorder used a stenotype device with keys, somewhat similar to a typewriter. However, the keys do not cover the whole alphabet and are pressed in various combinations to represent phonetic sounds. The device then compares the results to a glossary and selects the word that seems closest. The initial results can be well off the mark and so the court recorder edits the raw transcripts later to clean up any problems and to improve the glossary (e.g., by adding new words unique to the actuarial field).

In reviewing the raw transcripts, I came across some amusing misunderstandings of actuarial terminology. Though they didn’t all occur in one long sentence, I have concatenated them below for your reading pleasure.

What the court recorder produced What was actually said
Members of the acupuncture aerial profession Members of the actuarial profession
use a criminal ball use a crystal ball
and make arthritic calculations and make arithmetic calculations
to determine unfounded liabilities to determine unfunded liabilities
and numb sum values and lump sum values
in order to give accurate rarely evidence in order to give actuarial evidence
Of course, you have to remove the out liars Of course, you have to remove the outliers

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