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Board and Council Updates

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Kathryn Hyland, Diane Gosselin, Mariève Tétreault, Hélène Pouliot, Rheia Khalaf and Patrick De Roy have been appointed members of the Risk Management Committee, effective immediately.

Mike Lombardi (Chair), Jim Doherty (Vice-chair), Dave Pelletier, Denis Plouffe, Mo Chambers, Jacques Tremblay, Jean-Claude Ménard, Ben Marshall, Bruce Langstroth, Lesley Thomson, David Congram, Micheline Dionne, Bob McKay and Réjean Besner have been appointed members of the Committee on International Relations, effective immediately.

Jason Vary has been appointed Vice-chair of the Eligibility and Education Council, effective immediately.

Marc-André Melançon has been appointed Vice-chair of the Member Services Council, effective immediately.

Bill Chinery, Jim Christie, Sylvie Charest, Dave Dickson and Michel Simard have been appointed to the Board Orientation Session Task Force, a new task force, effective immediately.

Eligibility and Education Council

Bruno Gagnon, Isabelle Larouche and Mathieu Boudreault have been appointed members of the Accreditation Committee.

The CPD Newsletter Subcommittee of the Committee on Continuing Education has been created with Jean Roy as chair.

Claude Paré has resigned from the Committee on Co-sponsorship on Exams.

Malcolm Kern has resigned as Chair of the Retirement Benefits Subcommittee of the Committee on Education and Examinations.

The Task Force on the Delivery of CPD has been disbanded with thanks.

Member Services Council

Jean-Pierre Cormier has been appointed a member of the Individual Life Experience Subcommittee of the Research Committee, effective immediately.

Leonard Pressey has been appointed a member of the Research Committee and Chair of the committee’s Segregated Fund Experience Subcommittee, both effective immediately.

The Op-Ed Team’s mandate has been revised as follows: "The Member Services Council (MSC) has established a team to seek out and respond to opportunities for op-ed articles and, if possible, provide a regular column to suitable publications. The Op-ed Team is responsible for drafting immediate responses to news articles and pre-planned opinion or informational pieces in appropriate media."

For information only:

The following have resigned as members of the Research Committee: Maxime Carrier, effective February 9, 2009; Denis Garand, effective March 1, 2009; Lloyd Milani, effective February 9, 2009; Janice Moorley, effective June 8, 2010; Peter Muirhead, effective August 14, 2008, and Penny Teddiman, effective April 13, 2009.

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