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Board and Council Updates

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Karen Hall (Chair), Larry Miller, Rob Stapleford, Dennis Schettler, Marc Drouin, Claudette Cantin, Yves Girouard, Elizabeth Boulanger and Betty Ma were appointed to the 2011 Elections Committee.

Jim Christie was appointed the CIA liaison to the Casualty Actuarial Society (CAS), effective immediately, until June 30, 2011.

Kathryn Hyland was appointed the CIA liaison to the Global Risk Institute (GRI), effective December 6, 2010.

Tony Williams was appointed a member of the Pension Advisory Task Force.

Rod Sproule (Chair) and André Sauvé were appointed members of the 2009 Pension Review Task Force. Louis-Georges Simard has resigned from the task force.

Daniel Pellerin was appointed Chair of the new Risk Management Committee.

A new task force to develop an implementation plan for the approved recommendations made by the Task Force to Enhance the Value Proposition of Associate Status in the Institute, as well as for the establishment of the ACIA designation, was established with the following membership: Jason Vary (Chair), Paul Winokur, Laura Newman, Dave Dickson, Chris Townsend, and Alicia Rollo from the Secretariat. It will be known as the Task Force on Associateship Implementation (TFAI).

The Committee on Board and Council Performance and the Task Force on CPC Membership were disbanded.

Practice Council

Martin Raymond and Doug Chandler have been appointed members of the Task Force on International Pension and Employee Benefits Standards.

Erika Schurr has been appointed Vice-chair of the Committee on P&C Insurance Pricing.

Kevin Lee has been appointed a member of the Committee on Property and Casualty Insurance Financial Reporting, effective July 21, 2010.
(Note that Kevin stayed on the committee after his term as chair ended on July 21.) Sarah-Salimah Bhanji and Denise Cheung have been appointed members of the committee, effective July 1, 2010.

Barry Gros, Anne-Marie Lainesse, Cameron Hunter, Mel Bartlett, Tony Williams, Tom Levy and David Short have been appointed members of the Task Force on MEPP/TBPP Funding, effective April 1, 2010.

Barbara Sanders and Dean Newell have been appointed members of the Committee on Pension Plan Financial Reporting.

For information only:

Blair Manktelow resigned from the Committee on P&C Insurance Pricing, effective September 16, 2010. Mylène Labelle, Jean-François Larochelle and Betty-Jo Walke also resigned from the committee, effective October 4, 2010.

Dale Mathews, Nathalie Bouchard and Tim Cavallin resigned from the Committee on Life Insurance Financial Reporting on January 1, 2011.

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