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Ex-CIA President honoured at retirement banquet

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Friends and colleagues gathered en masse this month to mark the end of the long and highly-regarded career of former CIA President Professor Rob Brown, PhD, FCIA, FSA, ACAS, HonFIA.

The occasion was commemorated at a banquet in Toronto's Westin Harbour Castle, where actuaries, academics and other professionals paid tribute to a man recognized as an expert on social security and Canada's aging population.

The author of six books and numerous reports and other publications, he held the post of Director of the Institute of Insurance and Pension Research at the University of Waterloo. But his career also included:
  • Work as a property/casualty consulting actuary with companies like the Prudential of England and the Cooperators General;
  • Six years on the CIA Council, serving as President in 1990-1991;
  • Presidency of the Society of Actuaries in 2000-2001;
  • Serving on International Actuarial Association committees;
  • Representing the public as a councillor in Waterloo;
  • Being a director of Seaboard Life (Vancouver);
  • Receiving an Honorary FIA from the UK Institute of Actuaries;
  • Being appointed to the three-actuary panel that peer-reviewed the 21st Canada Pension Plan Actuarial Report; and
  • Assisting the International Monetary Fund, World Bank and countries in Europe, Asia and Latin America.

CIA President Micheline Dionne, one of those who attended the banquet, paid tribute to Prof. Brown. She told guests: "He has been a great source of inspiration for the actuarial community. He has never been one to perpetuate stereotypes like the actuary unable to communicate, or the professor so hermetic that nobody can understand them or cares to understand. Quite the contrary; he has focused his message on socially relevant topics while talking a language that we ordinary actuaries could understand and, even better, that the public could understand. He has not been shy about taking the lead, either.

"Every step along the way, Rob has made us proud that he was an actuary and that he was Canadian.

"I would like to thank him for the actuarial careers that he has inspired, for the support he has provided to the CIA organization, and for promoting the academic presence amongst the practitioners. The profession does benefit from a strong academic community and I hope, Rob, that your influence will continue and that other academics will follow the path that you have opened."

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