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Affiliate Member Focus – CTI FoodTech

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Affiliate Member Focus – CTI FoodTech

From its headquarters located in Italy and Spain, CTI FoodTech, the Italian manufacturer of industrial food processing equipment specializing in peach pitting machinery, has managed in just a few short years to gain a large market share of peach pitter sales globally, in fact positioning itself only second in the ranking of peach pitter manufacturers for the number of units operational. To get an idea of CTI FoodTech’s position within the global peach processing market, approximately 4.8 billion peaches annually are processed with technology provided by this fast growing Italian company.

CTI FoodTech exhibited at the CLFP Expo this year and as during previous CLFP Expos, CTI FoodTech was provided with a unique opportunity to make connections with prominent names in the American fruit processing industry. This has resulted in a quick expansion of its presence in the American market. This also prompted the establishment of a commercial partnership with the Ventura-based consulting firm Concentrated Solutions, which is now working as an agent and providing after market service for CTI FoodTech in North America. This past year also saw CTI increase its sponsorship and support of CLFP and is happy to be part of the California food processing industry.

This year at the 2016 CLFP Expo visitors had the opportunity to see the latest model of CTI FoodTech’s peach processing lines, the Repitter Vision. The new REPITTER VISION is a peach repitter provided with an innovative optical scan technology, with capabilities of repitting  peach halves at the speed of 320 halves per minute.The machine can work as a standard mechanical repitter or employ the new optical scan system, which ensures the highest processing efficiency. While reducing labor costs, the optical scan system can verify the cup-up position of the halves and determine whether each knife should be activated. If the peaches are not well positioned they can be recycled in the machine until they are correctly positioned to be processed.

CTI FoodTech added a new product to its peach pitter line this year: the Coring capability. This machine, designed to deliver peach halves destined to the baby food segment (Zero Pit Fragment tolerance), is capable of ejecting separately from the peach the cylinder containing the pit and its fragments at the speed of 320 fruits per minute. A system of continuous orientation ensures top performance and minimal need for labor.

The latest two machines (Patent Pending) represent CTI’s commitment to their continued commitment and tradition to technological innovation.

In the past two years CTI FoodTech brought to the U.S. the alignment station of its Peach Pitter model 320 APA, where it was granted a patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office for the continuous orientation system. In the future, CTI FoodTech counts on further strengthening its market penetration globally. CTI, while working side by side with its partners abroad, will provide American fruit processors with the most convenient choice of peach pitting equipment systems (torsion, knife, coring peach, Repitter vision), combining state-of-the-art technology and reliability.

If you have any questions or are interested in hearing more about CTI FoodTech’s capabilities, please contact: Rick Orzalli  at 805.760.6519.

Article submitted by CTI FoodTech


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