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Washington, DC - The Supreme Court yesterday took the unprecedented step of issuing a stay of the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Clean Power Plan. This Supreme Court decision recognizes the irreparable harm that would occur in the absence of such a decision. The stay means the rule has been temporarily halted until the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals considers the legal challenges currently being brought against the rule.

Click here to read the full ACC statement on the SCOTUS Stay of the EPA’s CPP.


Featured Speakers:

Our opening Keynote address will feature Robert C. Flexon - President and Chief Executive Officer, Dynegy Inc. Mr. Flexon will share Dynegy’s outlook on energy and electricity markets and policy, and the continuing role of coal as a key strategic fuel source.
Special guest speaker, Evan Bayh - Former two-term Governor of Indiana, U.S. Senator 1999-2011, and 
Current – Partner, McGuireWoods LLP

2016 – History in the Making?: Senator Bayh joins us to handicap the 2016 elections and discuss how potential outcomes may impact the coal sector. His deep political experience and "coal state" leadership underscore his understanding of the importance of coal to reliable low-cost energy for families, businesses, and manufacturers.    
Paul Seby, Greenberg Traurig LLP who represented North Dakota in the Clean Power Plan litigation at the Supreme Court will discuss the Supreme Court Stay of the Clean Power Plan. He will discuss the immediate impacts of the stay and emphasize the states’ specific role and responsibilities. He will also discuss the lower court case at the DC Circuit Court of Appeals, where a decision is expected by the end of 2016 due to an expedited schedule.

March 8 – 10, 2016 – Sandpearl Resort, Clearwater Beach, Florida

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It has come to our attention that Maria Martonick of Martonick Publications ("Martonick"), is again soliciting the members of some coal industry trade organizations for advertising sales listings or advertisements, including in a membership directory publication sometimes called "Coal Energy." ...

Please be advised that the ACC has no business relationship or affiliation with Martonick or Coal Energy and in no way endorses or supports either Martonick or Coal Energy.

Click here for the full ACC statement on attempts by Martonick Publications to sell advertising to coal industry association members.

For the past three years, Betsy Monseu, chief executive officer of the American Coal Council (ACC), has guided the ACC to impressive membership growth despite industry consolidation and rising regulatory challenges. The ACC serves 170 member companies across the entire coal industry. ...

AA: Have you been able to grow membership during this fickle, slow-growth economy?

BM: Yes. We added 22 new member companies in the past year even though our industry is facing some consolidation and downsizing. We advocate strongly for coal and for the companies related to various segments of the industry. We continue to get inquiries from companies that haven’t been ACC members before. That’s very healthy because it brings in fresh perspectives and adds to the complementary nature of the companies that are already ACC members.

See the full interview on the Association Advisor website.

Jason Hayes, Associate Director of the ACC, spoke on "Outlook for Coal: What Will the Next 20 Years Hold?" at the RMEL Power Supply Planning and Projects conference, held in Denver, CO on March 1-2. 

More information on the event is available on the RMEL website.
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You are invited to join an exclusive group of American Coal Council (ACC) member companies who have elevated their level of commitment to the ACC through their Annual Sponsorship support. In doing so, these companies have also gained recognition as industry leaders in supporting the ACC’s objective to advance the development and utilization of coal as an economic, abundant and environmentally sound fuel source.

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The American Coal Council's (ACC) Communications Committee held their first call of 2016 in February. Our next call will be held April 13th @ 3 pm Eastern. We would like to welcome our new members and thank those members who have returned to help guide ACC communications and marketing efforts.

This committee principally serves as a sounding board for the ACC staff and board of directors, providing feedback on strategies and tactics associated with ACC communications and marketing materials.

Would you like to be involved with guiding the industry’s communications and outreach? If you are interested in joining the ACC’s Communications Committee, please contact either Betsy Monseu or Jason Hayes at 202-756-4540 or
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Mark your calendars for these upcoming 2015 ACC events:

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American Coal Magazine
by Robert W. Endlich

... Audubon should stay away from areas where it has no expertise – specifically imagined or invented catastrophic anthropogenic global warming. Audubon’s equivocal policy on wind power ostensibly calls on wind energy developers to consider planning, siting and operating wind farms to avoid bird carnage; the Society claims to support "strong enforcement" of laws protecting birds and wildlife. On the other hand, the same Audubon policy speaks about "species extinctions and other catastrophic effects of climate change" and "pollution from fossil fuels." ...

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by Christopher Monckton of Brenchley, Willie Soon and David R. Legates

Ten killer questions that expose how wrong and ideologically driven they are

A century or so from now, based on current trends, today’s concentration of carbon dioxide in the air will have doubled. How much warming will that cause? The official prediction, 1.5-4.5 degrees Celsius (2.7-8.1 degrees Fahrenheit) per doubling of CO2, is proving a substantial exaggeration.

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